7 Ways To Look Younger With Lemons (Tips To Get Younger Looking Skin)

As we all know that our body is made of many cells and these cells need a different kind of vitamins(Ways To Look Younger With Lemons) to shine.

Day by day we use facial for different functions or for regular looks but with those things, our skin also gets tired and use of it which means when you stop using such facials they will affect your skin.

So now what we can do? Well everyone has some or other alternatives for everything. Now, what alternative we going used is Lemons. Yes, Lemons! Lemons are used as vegetables. Lemons are used as Fruits. But more than that Lemons are used as medicines.

And last but not the least Lemons are used as beauty treatment products to look younger. Lemons remove many negative factors in our body and give one a classy and natural look, either food or the looks of humans.

Here m going to mention 8 different ways which will help you to look younger. And undoubtedly Lemons are the hero in this article, so with Lemons how different products will affect in a good way is our goal.

7 Ways To Look Younger With Lemons 🙂



For this, we are going to use sage scrub with lemons. Everyone wants a better result from their products but before using them we must know how and with which products we are going to use that.

So for this Cleansing exfoliator, we need a few products which are

  • ½ cup Sea salt.
  • Lemon juice (at least from one complete lemon)
  • Dried sage (1 teaspoon)
  • Olive oil
  • A lemon essential oil is optional

Make a paste of them all using a perfect quantity of olive oil and then apply in the shower. Use this thing at least twice a week. Hopefully, you will see better use of Lemons very soon



Massage word itself is calm so we can get an idea of how calm a scalp massage would be. So like the way we need a product which is oil for oiling (kind of massage) we need few products here as well to kill dandruff and use as a buildup fighter.

Because we are taking an ingredient which is lemon we can’t really afford the absence of lemons. You have to take caution before using this scalp massage because it directly will affect your hair color.

For this dandruff killing massage the only thing you need is lemons or to be more precise the juice of lemons. Apply the juice of lemons directly to the scalp after shampooing and conditioning. Rinse thoroughly.

This method will definitely help you in a better way that too just with lemon.



Lemons are the best ingredient to lighten the age or sun spots if you have any. The natural alpha hydroxy acid in lemons remove dead skins and the same work is done by lactic acid in milk to remove the dead skin cells.

This mask feels so good as this give a freshness to the skin and slight tingly feeling will give you a feeling that something is really happening.


  • 2 tablespoon full-fat milk
  • 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

Now because we are using milk let the mixture sit on the counter for a couple of hours until it curdles. Apply this mixture on the face and the neck area avoiding the eyes.

Leave the mixture on the areas for at least 20 minutes. You can feel the skin tightening once it gets dries. After it gets complete dryness to rinse it with warm water and then apply some moisturizer for good effects.



Toner is something which gives a glow to your skin now we need to discover how it will work with lemons. As we all know that the best way to use vitamin C on the skin is lemon juice. The citric acid in lemons will help to fade the spots and help to improve the skin tone.

We can make this age spot reducing toner in two ways

            1. mix the lemon juice and witch hazel

Now apply this mixture all over the face and rinse it once you feel done with it.

            2. apply lemon juice directly on the face with a cotton ball

Once you feel that it is done with its effect you can rinse it or it will not give any negative effect if you will not rinse it.



So once we start growing we hear few terms like don’t eat too many sweets, don’t have spicy things because they are not good for teeth. Lemons are also in the category of not so good for teeth.

But now as I grow up I have studied the things. Only sucking a lemon is not good for teeth on the other hand rubbing the white part of lemon on teeth is way better than anything.

  • Lemon
  • Baking soda

Mix lemon with baking soda and then rub this mixture on your teeth. Leave this for one minute, rinse with water and brush.

It’s a bet that you will see the better results just within a few days.



Have you ever gone for any kind of manicure? Manicure is a process which includes few products and cleans out the fingernails. Now a question arises why are we discussing manicure in between lemons?

So let me tell you with all the other treatments lemons help in the beauty process of fingernails as well.

We use a different kind of nail paints these days and the effect of those nail paints is not a lifetime one. Once they got fade they also affect the real color of our nails.

  • Warm water
  • Lemon juice
  • Coconut oil

Mix the lemon juice with warm water. Soak your hand for 5 to 10 minutes in that mixture of warm water and lemon juice. Wipe your hand and condition nail with coconut oil. That’s the way lemons are effective.



Lemon is a medicine which helps you with everything then why not with a foot? Yes, so lemon will work as a foot exfoliator too. To clean out your foot and to give them a soft skin.

Use lemon juice with warm water, dip your foot in that mixture of lemon juice and warm water. Wait for 5-10 minutes and then rinse it.

Or just use lemons as a scrub to your foot and enjoy soft and glowing results. So, until now we discussed how we can use lemons. Now its turn to know the real effect of lemons when we add with any other effective product.

  • Lemon with aloe vera and coconut oil

Take an aloe vera leave and extract the gel from the leave. As we all know applying aloe vera gel to face regularly will help to diminish the lines and wrinkles associated with aging and loss of elasticity in the skin. Now blend the aloe vera gel.

Now to make the treatment mix the aloe vera gel with lemon juice and coconut oil because using coconut oil on the skin can be the difference between flaky, dry skin and soft, glowing skin, as this oil is known for its moisturizing benefits.

Apply this mixture all over the face, scrub it up and rinse it once you feel you are done. This will remove all the dust from your skin pores and you will surely feel fresh.

  • Lemon with Honey

Honey is one of the best natural product that can increase the stability of the immune system. Both honey and lemon possess their multitude of health benefits. Lemon and honey’s combination works together to reduce weight and fat and produces healthy skin and hair.

First, mix equal quantities of both honey and lemon juice and apply it all over the face. Let it be at your skin for 20 to 25 minutes and wash it with cold water. It will brighten the skin and provide a proper glow to your face.

Drinking honey with lemon juice and hot water will not only reduce your fat but will provide glowing skin and strong hair. As we all know honey is a fat-free, natural energy booster and lemon are low in calories.

A mixture of both will help you out to reduce your belly fat. Honey contains natural fruit sugar which can easily be digested. It will also help in opening your skin pores.

  • Lemon with Baking soda

Take some fresh lemon juice extract and dilute it with some water. Then add 1 or one n half teaspoon of baking soda in it. Apply it to your affected area of skin (acne prone), use a cotton pad for applying this mixture.

Keep it on your skin for about 20 minutes and then wash it with warm water. Regular usage of this mixture will help in healing your acne affected area.

Every time when you’ll use it you’ll feel fresh and it will remove the pollution all over from your skin. It’ll also help you in removing dark circles and enhancing the skin tone.

  • Lemon with turmeric

Turmeric and lemon both are the common things that can easily be found in the kitchen but both of them can also help in healing your skin and removing dust, pollution from the skin.

Add 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder and 2 teaspoons of lemon juice and mix these two ingredients and make a paste.

Apply this paste to all over your face and keep it until it dries out completely on your face. Then wash your face with warm water two to three times. This paste will remove dark spots, wrinkles and heal dead cells and much more.

  • Lemon with gram flour

Gram flour with fresh lemon juice will improve human skin insanely, it will help you out in fixing the dead cells, heal acne, moisturize dry skin, remove dark spots, dark circles, wrinkles, and many more advantages to human skin.

All we have to do is to prepare a paste containing both gram flour and lemon juice and mixing the paste completely.

After going through it we have to apply this paste to all over our face. Keep this paste on face for 30 to 40 minutes. Then wash your face with cold water. After using this paste you will feel fresh and its regular usage will improve your skin.

  • Lemon with green tea

As we all know green tea is the best drink for reducing fat, loose of weight and getting fresh skin. After adding lemon to green tea, the drink can produce amazing outputs like it can cure many diseases, can help in increasing diet and much more. Just mix some lemon juice into your green tea. Take this drink twice a day to check out its benefits.

  • Lemon with salt

Lemon and salt both play an important role in someone whose highest priority is fitness. Salt and lemon both are low calories so they are easy to digest. Both of them can improve the immune system as they are easy to digest.

They both add the taste in food but more than that they increase the digestive power which helps against fighting many diseases and give the fitness to the body the way we want. Also, lemons are the best source of killing the lazy and dizzy feeling when it will be added with salt.

So, these are a few important uses of Lemons. Alone or with addition, in both way lemon plays a tremendous role to fight against few human effective germs, and the use of lemons in many ways will act as a beauty product. Lemons, not only act as a beauty product infect helps in removing the skin related problems.

Most probably all we are trying is few home-made beauty tips which will lead you to shine skin in a very cheap rate with a very accessible thing called Lemons. So, what you waiting to give them a try.

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