Best 5 Beauty Tips For Oily Skin (Oily Skin Care Tips And Beauty Routine)

We all have one question in our mind many times that is could our skin be more clear and smoother than it is? We all girls, even the boys are very curious to know the beauty tips for oily skin. What can we do to get rid of oily skin and many face problems and all of this without having to spend thousands of rupees on your next-door salon?

Yes, totally true! We reached a path with hundreds of people looking for desperate solutions to their skin problems. And most of them want it overnight but the truth is that nature doesn’t bloom overnight. The seed, smallest one also needs to be planted, nurtured and cared for before it can blossom and show its magnificence.

Though we live in a world of “instant” or instant options, some things cannot be played around with So, we get thousands of solutions by many resources. Let’s just check out some problems that we face and solutions to them as my beauty tips for oily skin.

Beauty Tips For Oily Skin 🙂

  1. For dull, oily and combination skin

For dull oily and combination skin

The main reason behind this dull and oily skin is pollution, more physically and mentally stressful. So what beauty tips for this kind of oily skin? We look out for its solution from different websites to different persons. Massage your skin gently with iced yogurt and sprinkle sugar along with this mix.

Now take orange halves and scrub gently until the granules melt. Wash the face with iced water and see the difference in your skin, m sure you yourself will feel this.

  1. For dull, tired and dry skin

Beauty Tips For Oily Skin

Most people are in this category. And they hate it. And anyone can hate this because this is the main reason for oily skin. Let us find out the reason and some beauty tips for this oily skin This is due to pollution, and a lot of physical work in daily routine. So, it goes on worse day by day.

Aloe Vera is a pure cure for this type of skins or others. Massage the skin with papaya. Then you have to make a scrub by mixing oats and honey along with a little cold milk. scrub the skin with this mix. Wash off with ice-cold milk and water and pat dry.

  1. Dealing with under-eye bags and dark circles

Dealing with under eye bags and dark circles

Dark circles also come with oil on our face and it is just to get rid of this using some beauty tips for oily skin only. The unsightly dark circles can be caused due to many reasons. Lack of sleep, over usage of mobile and laptop, disturbed routine and unhealthy diet.

This all causes stress which is a major reason behind dark circles. Pollution plays an evil role in increasing dark circles. Take some used tea bags and store them in the freezer to get more coolness.

half a cucumber and after a cut massage around the eye area and then lie down with the tea bags on your eyes for 10 minutes You will find an instant difference in the way your eyes look and feel. And trust me this beauty tip for oily skin will impress you without any doubt.

  1. Instant facelift

Instant face lift

A perfect and instant facelift is a dream for many young ones. wrinkles free face after spending thousands is a difficult task. Wash your face with ice water or simply rub a piece of an ice cube with a tsp of honey on the face.

Come and explore beauty tips with me. Beat an egg white until it peaks and brushes onto your skin and let dry. You will feel the stretch in the skin. wash face with icy cold water.

  1. Tired eyes

Tired eyes

Tired eyes not just make you look aged but also affects your health and can cause a lot of diseases. So what kind of beauty tip for oily skin and tired one also, you are looking here? There are many reasons behind it, over the usage of mobiles, less sleep, and much more.

Long hours you spent at work, then shopping and getting things organized for the festive season can surely be tiring. I would suggest you make this wonderful eye wash which will make you feel refreshed instantly and that is for sure. Take iced spring water, add a few drops of rose water, 2-3 drops of honey and immerse one eye into it. Feel the warmth of the mixture and stay a bit.

You can also open your eye a little and then close it. Throw away the liquid and make the same water for the other eye and repeat the process. After this, wash your eyes with cold mineral water. There may be slight redness for some time but it will go away soon and your eyes will feel refreshed in minutes. I am feeling my beauty tips for oily skin is working here as well.

  1. Blackhead

Blackhead Beauty Tips For Oily Skin

Do you even know what causes blackheads?

M sure this is only a problem to you and like every individual, you never bother the reason for this.

But as I am your friend I will mention the oil and dust together get stored in the pores of eyes and turn that bit part of eye black and mentioned as all and all to get rid of this you need the same beauty tips for oily skin but with some other way.

Rid of blackhead Embedded in the pores and filled with dead cells and sebum, blackheads are super-annoying, especially when they appear on your face. They are unsightly,

Hard to get rid of, clog the opening of the pores and very bad for your skin. It might seem like there is nothing you can do about your skin problems, but there is something you can do to get rid of these problems. Natural ingredients in their purest form are the safest and the best way to get rid of blackheads.

As these products are easily available you can often use this beauty tip for oily skin. They are easily available in your kitchen pantry and take less than five minutes of your time to make the right pack. Let us see what they are below:

  1. Zesty cinnamon mask

Zesty cinnamon mask Beauty Tips For Oily Skin

Mix 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder with 1 tablespoon of raw honey, preferably Manuka honey for maximum benefits. Blend them well and apply a thin layer of the paste on the affected areas, place a clean cotton strip over it and gently press it. leave it for 10-15 minutes and then remove the cotton. Wash your face with warm water and see the effect of this beauty tip for oily skin.

       2. Nourishing egg white mask          

Nourishing egg white mask

Before letting you inside this face pack I want to explain this beauty tip for the oily skin will sparkle your face and remove the unwanted particles from your face.

Take an egg and separate the yolk from the egg white. Collect the egg white in a small bowl and apply it on your face. Consider applying three layers of egg white on your skin, but only when the first layer is dry enough. Leave it for at least 15 minutes and rinse with cool water after that. You can also add ½ teaspoon of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of raw honey to it.

    3. Rejuvenating green tea mask

Rejuvenating green tea mask

Brew some loose green tea leaves for about 45 minutes to an hour. Strain the water and place it in the fridge to let it cool. If you don’t have loose green tea leaves at home, you can substitute it with green tea bags placed in a container of boiled water for an hour and use this beauty tip for oily skin in an equally strong way.

Take the cold liquid and dip a cotton ball into it. Dab the wet cotton ball over the blackheads and let it sit for 20 minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water.

  • Beauty tips to make oily skin glow

Beauty tips to make oily skin glow

Now after this let us just walk to another side of the coin. Till now we are just getting the reason behind oily skin, finding the beauty tips for oily skin but now just turn the coin and see the other side which will introduce you with the beauty tips of making your skin glow.

As we all know oily skin type needs maximum care and protection as well. This kind of skin is more familiar to blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, and acne. We don’t know what these blackheads, whiteheads do to our skin but we know oily skin appears thick, greasy, shiny and dull all the time and that is a big true.

Luckily, we got a few natural beauty tips to get rid of that unwanted shine. How they leave skin clean? how they clear and help you restore a radiant glowing and oil-free complexion?

  • Hot lemon water

Hot lemon water

Before telling you anything about it I want to tell you that this is called a miracle drink for glowing oily skin.

Oily skin is more connected to pimples and acne and that we know one of the best home remedies for making oily skin glow naturally and also to stop breakouts is to have a glass of hot water mixed with lemon and also mixed with a tsp of honey in the morning with an empty stomach. Trust me or not but it is a magical one.

Lemon keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day. Vitamin C and antioxidants work from the inside-out to keeps our skin clean, healthy and glowing.

  • Ice cubes Facial

Ice cubes facial

People with oily skin have enlarged pores. So here comes the easiest beauty tip for oily skin. These pores make the skin appear thick and dull. So now what you have to do get rid of this? Here is the beauty tip for oiling skin which is ice cubes facial. After washing your face with normal water, rap 2-3 ice cubes in a muslin cloth and rub for 2 to 3 minutes on your face and especially on oily areas.

  • Give a mini facial at home

This one is the main beauty tip for oily skin which includes many substeps

  1. The first step is Cleanser, mix baking soda and honey in your hand and rub them together on your face. (oily area)
  2. The second step is steam, for this, you just have to deep boil some water now put that hot water in a medium face pan. Put your face up on the pan and cover the whole setup with the towel.
  3. The third step is Scrub, take rice powder and thick curd. Mix these two mixture and put it slowly on your face and massage this in the circular motion.
  4. The fourth step is tone, for this step, take a few drops of cucumber and tomato juice and gently massage your face.
  5. The Fifth step is Massage cream. Take it and rub it on the face and softly massage your facial skin.
  6. The last step is a mask, as it is time to strengthen and tighten your skin. Left it for 15 minutes and then wash it.

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