Best 5 Home Remedies For Sore Thumb Joint (Thumb Joint Treatment Tips)

Our human body is made of few very sensitive things right!!! To give shape to those things we have joints almost at every inch. But as I said earlier that our human body is very sensitive few problems are predicted already. One of them is a sore thumb joint.

So, basically, it is nothing but pain nearby area of our thumb. The reasons behind this pain can be anything like, fracture or sprain. Rheumatoid arthritis is another cause of sore thumb joint.

At times this sore thumb joint pain is tolerable but it gets worse whenever one use the hand a lot for repetitive tasks.

The pain of this sore thumb joint can be tolerable and can’t be tolerable at times but we have to do our part, few exercises are there which might be useful to cure this pain. Ready to learn? Sit back straight, get ready to follow the steps along with me.

Home Remedies For Sore Thumb Joint 🙂




This exercise is possible anywhere, anytime and trust me it will pay its part to the best and will help somehow to get rid of this thumb joint.

  • Start by holding all the fingers straight.
  • Slowly bend the hand as a fist.
  • Place the thumb on the outside of hand (basically from fist)
  • Open up until fingers will not be straight again.
  • Repeat these steps at least 10 times a day from both the hands.




This one will be effective for finger joint and as your fingers will be powerful trust me, your thumb joint will work better accordingly.

  • Hold all the fingers straight.
  • Bend the thumb down towards the palm.
  • Hold it for few seconds and straight up it again.
  • Bend your index finger towards the palm.
  • Hold it for few seconds and straighten up again.
  • Repeat this bending thing with each and every finger including your thumb, that too with both the hands.




The first and basic exercise for thumb joint and will surely work. Hold your hand with all the fingers straight then, bend your thumb inward toward your palm.

Stretch your hand straight with all the fingers. Hold this thumb position for a second or two and then return your thumb to the stretching positions. Repeat this exercise again and again for better results.




Stretch your hand like whole fingers and thumb and try to make an “O”. This will make whole your hands move and will give you a proper hand relaxation.

And make sure when you will make an “O”, you will hold this position for a while. This exercise can be used whenever your hands feel stiff. And trust me this will surely make your hand feel good.




Place the pinky size edge of your hand on a table, fold all your fingers inside towards palm and keep your thumb completely straight, stretch your thumb joint. Hold this position for a while, unfold all you’re your fingers again.

Repeat this exercise at least 5 to 10 times a day by placing on a table only. So, this is how your thumb joint pain will recover and your thumb joint will be able to deal with all kind of pain.

Hopefully, I have explained to you well. So, now it is your turn. Follow these rules and make at least your thumb joint strong.

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