Best Natural Home Remedies For Thick Eyebrows

In today’s world, everybody wants to take care of their faces from every angle. And one of the most important thing on the face is eyebrows, which gives you a perfect face look if you have thick eyebrows. So, here in this article am going to tell you top class home remedies for thick eyebrows. Before I start this article I want to tell you something, guys…

Some years earlier there was a trend of thin and pencil eyebrows, but now thick eyebrows are in trend and so many ladies on screens are sporting thick eyebrows in style industry. If you want Bold and thick eyebrows, so guys you are on the right platform.

So many people nowadays use cosmetic products (made up of harmful chemicals) which are harmful to your eyes, face and they can damage your eyebrows. And so many people take so many treatments for eyebrows hair.

I just want to tell you that the normal rate of growth of eyebrows hair is 0.16 mm every day and every good thing in life takes time. So if you want bold and thick eyebrows naturally, you have to be patient.

Time will give you a reward with your beautiful eyebrows. The home remedies for thick eyebrows which I am going to tell you guys, they are so simple, inexpensive and healthy ways.

These are the following home remedies for thick eyebrows:

  1. Castor oil

Castor oil

This home remedy for thick eyebrows is one of the oldest and most effective remedies. It contains proteins, antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids which help in nourishing eyebrows hair follicles.

It also promotes growth rate of eyebrows hairs and ensures that each hair strands is strong and thick. So, now the question is what you have to do with the castor oil?

Don’t worry guys, it’s very simple and easy. You just need to massage your eyebrows with few drops of castor oil and then put it for 30 minutes and then wash it with warm water or wipe up with a makeup remover.

And for thick eyebrows, you need to this at least 4-5 weeks every day.

You also should take before you apply this oil on your eyebrows because it can cause hives, irritation, and rashes. So if you are allergic to this oil, make sure you have a patch test before it.

  1. Coconut oil

Coconut oil

This remedy for thick eyebrows is a multi-purpose remedy because it also works for improving blood circulation. This remedy contains two things, first is coconut oil and a cotton swab.

You know what guys! Our eyebrows are made up of protein and coconut oil helps in reducing protein loss and makes our eyebrows hair stronger.

Coconut oil also contains fatty acids which work with the natural protein found in hairs to protect them from breaking. “Lauric acid” also found in coconut oil and it acts as an antimicrobial agent.

It also gives protection to the infection of hair follicles.

There are also plenty of nutrients as well as proteins like vitamin E and iron in this home remedy for skin care which promotes thick and healthy eyebrows.

Now the thing is, what you guys have to do?

There is nothing as space science in this, you just need to dip a cotton swab in the coconut oil and rub on your eyebrows. You have to keep it on overnight and next morning rinse with a face wash.

And you should apply this remedy for thick eyebrows a few days in a week.

  1. Onion juice

Onion juice

Onion is an amazing vegetable because it has many benefits. In this remedy for thick eyebrows, the main ingredient is onion, it is enriched by sulfur, minerals, selenium, vitamins B&C which helps in promoting hair growth.

Specifically, Sulfur increases the production of collagen tissues which are required for eyebrow growth and it strengthens the hair follicles.

So, here is the way you going to do it.

You need to chop the onions into small pieces and blend them. You will get a paste after that, then you strain that paste to get the onion juice.

Now, take a Q-tip and apply that onion juice on your eyebrows every alternative day.

And enjoy your healthy and thick eyebrows guys.

  1. Olive oil

Olive oil

Olive oil contains vitamin A & E, which promotes eyebrows hair growth and Specifically Vitamin E give nourishment to each and every hair strand while Vitamin A promotes the production of sebum(our body’s natural oil), which also helps with promotes the growth rate of hair.

The method of this home remedy for thick eyebrows is not so hard guys. You just have to pour a few drops on your fingertips and give massage to your eyebrows. You need to keep it on for 2-3 hours and then wash it off with water.

This remedy for thick eyebrows has to be done at least once a day if you want to see good results.

Guys! Please make sure that you use extra virgin olive oil only since it is untainted and unrefined by chemicals.

  1. Milk


As you know guys, milk is a healthy product for our whole body in different ways. That’s why in most of the product for skin care contains milk.

This home remedy for thick eyebrows is especially for those people who are very busy in their life because it just takes a very short time.

Now the question is, how this remedy works and what you have to do?

So, guys milk is enriched with two important protein (Casein & whey) which promotes and triggers the growth of healthy hair.

And you just need to soak the cotton balls in the milk and gently massage your eyebrows with the cotton balls and after that keep it on for 15-20 minutes and then wash it off with water.

  1. Egg yolk

Egg yolk

This remedy for thick eyebrows is a very helpful and most effective remedy of all the time because contains egg yolk which is enriched with keratin and biotin which promotes your hair growth of eyebrows and Keratin is a major ingredient of all types of hairs.

So you need to is, just separate the egg yolk from the white egg and beat the yolk till you get consistency smooth. Now take a brush or Q-tip and apply that yolk on your eyebrows in little quantity.

Keep it on for 20-30minutes and then wash it with warm water. Try this remedy for thick eyebrows at least 2-3 times a week for good results.

  1. Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds Home Remedies For Thick Eyebrows

Um… how you are going to this?

Wait guys, it’s very simple just soak the seeds in water for overnight and grind them into a paste. Apply this paste on your eyebrows and keep it for 30 minutes and then wash it with warm water.

Try this remedy for thick eyebrows 2-3 times a week and see the results.

  1. Petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly

This home remedy for thick eyebrows is good for eyebrows as well as skin too because petroleum jelly works as a conditioner and keep moisture in your eyebrows.

And it also prevents moisture of the brows and skin from escaping. This thing helps your eyebrows hair to grow out long and fuller.

You just need to apply petroleum jelly on your brows and keep it overnight and then wash it with tepid water in the early morning.

You can apply this remedy for thick eyebrows until you get your results as you want. And guys! This jelly contains so much oil so if you have acne-prone skin, please make sure you don’t use this remedy.

  1. Lemons

 Lemons Home Remedies For Thick Eyebrows

Lemons are enriched with vital nutrients, folic acids, vitamin B & C. They help to promote your eyebrows hair faster than any other things. And it is usual that your skin will burn a little bit when you apply lemons on it.

And if the irritation persists, stop using this remedy for thick eyebrows and try some other remedy.

The method of this remedy is, rub a half lemon on your eyebrows hairs and keep it on for 20 – 30 minutes. After this just wash your eyebrows with warm water.

Guys! Please do not expose your eyebrows hair in sunlight for the next two hours after you apply this remedy for thick eyebrows otherwise it can lighten its natural.

  1. Almonds oil

Almonds oil Home Remedies For Thick Eyebrows

Almonds are very healthy for the human body in so many ways. It is good for human memory and for muscle building also. It’s rich in protein, vitamin A, B & C which promotes the growth rate of your eyebrows. The oil also nourishes the hairs and keep them strong.

For this remedy for thick eyebrows, you just have to do is apply almond oil on your brows and massage it in a circular motion. Keep it for a night and wash it off in the morning with warm water.

And you can apply it every day for better results.

There are few things guys for which you have to be careful…

Almond can create allergy in the human body, and it can cause various problems (swelling, itching, gastrointestinal and respiratory).

So if you feel any allergic signs so better you skin this remedy for thick eyebrows and try another one.

Additional tips:

  • You can apply petroleum jelly 2 times a day for moisturizing your brows. And it will make your brows thicker.
  • Do not pluck, tweeze and wax the eyebrows too frequently.
  • Do not press your eyebrows too hard while you apply an eyebrow pencil.
  • Sleep at least 6 hours a day.
  • You should drink more water to keep your body hydrated and it will also make your eyebrows silky.
  • You can massage your hair follicles daily in circular movements.




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