Top 14 Foods and Exercises to How to Increase Height Naturally

Height One of the foremost and vital aspect of good looks. Add up a few mentioned foods and exercises (For Increase Height Naturally) to your routine. No matter if you are a guy or a girl everyone run after elevation. Having a proper height has always been a confidence booster.

There are indeed lots of perks of being tall or having an optimal height. Foods and exercises play a vital role to boost your height. But what about those people whose growth hormones have betrayed them in the middle or maybe their growth hormones have stopped functioning correctly.

To an individual having a proper height, It is often being said that “God has blessed your genes.”

Yeah! You got that correct, and that is true. His or her genetics decides the height of an individual. But some people are unfortunate enough. But there is nothing to be worried about.

There is nothing that a human cannot do and so does boosting your height is not a big deal at all.

By following prescribed food supplements like fruits and vegetables to diminish some extra weight followed by some simple but effective stretching exercises and a healthy and hygienic lifestyle, you are done. The results will be super useful and quick that you can add up a few more inches to your height.

14 Ways to Increase Height Rapidly-

There are following ways to add up some inches to your height rapidly so if you are aspiring to gain a few inches then follow these simple steps which are as follows:

Nutritional Foods that help you increase height-

Milk and dairy products-

Milk and dairy products for Increase Height

The importance of calcium either for the stronger muscles or in the aggregate development of a human body is very well known. It is the first essential nutrient for the human growth hormone. Milk is the calcium-rich food supplement, and it also contains vitamin D and protein which help in pushing the growth hormones.

Apart from milk other dairy products like Yogurt, cheese, curd, etc. are necessary for body growth because they contain essential vitamins, protein, and calcium as well. Apart from this,  one must consume 8-10 glasses of water to prevent your body from getting dehydrated.



Studies have proven that zinc plays a vital role in boosting height. Its deficiency can cause scrawny growth in children or boys. So you just cannot avoid foods that contain some extent of zinc or are zinc rich.

Following are few zinc rich food supplements -oysters, lamb, peanuts, wheat germ, asparagus, chocolate, eggs, pumpkin and squash seeds, crab, etc. Start consuming Zinc today.



As we are all aware of the fact that eggs do contain protein but what most of the people do not know is that they also some individual amino acids, riboflavin, and selenium that your body requires for growth. Not only these eggs contain vitamin A, D and E needs, as well as vitamin B-12, pantothenic acid and phosphorus, and folate.

One regular egg contains 79 calories,6 grams of fat and 5 grams of protein .Especially the Yolk that is the powerhouse of the egg and that is something the treasure of the egg so you just cannot avoid it. You must have organic eggs because they are not loaded with estrogen unlike regular eggs, and they are healthy too.



If you are a vegetarian, then this is something you have to look after. This is a protein reservoir. Apart from protein Soybean is a rich source of folate, vitamins, fiber, proteins, and carbohydrates.

You must have at least 55-60 grams of soybeans every day, and you will get super fast results. You can either have the boiled one or the baked one in your salad or any other recipes. There are few other soy products like Tofu, Soy Milk, etc.



If you are a non-vegetarian, then chicken is something you cannot refuse to eat but wait what there are various benefits of eating chicken, and even if you are a vegan and aging 25 plus and looking to add few inches then chicken is something for you. Chicken is the primary non-vegetarian source of protein which helps you gaining muscles and height as well. Well, not only protein chicken contains many vital minerals and what not. An individual must intake at least 50-60 grams of chicken every day to boost up his/her height.



It is the most beneficial and delicious source of protein, necessary nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids. It keeps your body away from the excess flesh, provides strength to your muscles and helpful for growth hormone. There are lots of benefits to eating fish. No matter what type of fish you eat, they are useful for your whole body. So make a move by integrating fish into your diet to capitalize all these benefits.

So this was all about the essential foods that you can incorporate into your daily diet and reap some more height. But to gain some more altitude you should strictly prohibit stunt growing habits.

Do not stunt your growth-

  • Stop smoking now. According to Columbia University’s Internet Health Resource, people who start smoking at very early ages tend to be shorter than the ones who do not.
  • Steroids. Steroids not only supports in diminishing your growth hormone but also lessen your sperm count.

8 Simple and effective exercises to increase height-

There are various stretching exercises which you can perform to gain a few inches. They help you integrating muscle and height even after your 18. Here are some activities below-

Hanging exercises-

Hanging exercises

When it comes to stretching of the body, then hanging use is one of the first essential tasks. It is accessible and instrumental one as well. It is indeed very beneficial for stretching your nucleus back muscles and increasing your height as well.

Throughout the day working for hours at one place cut back your back and shoulder mobility. Just a grab a beam or pull up bar and gang on it and try to raise your legs in front of you and keep your knees unbent for few seconds like 30 secs at least. Repeat it for at least 15 times a day for instant results.

Squat jumps-

Squat jumps

This exercise burns a lot of excess fat from your body and will make you sweat superfast. Stand in a normal standing posture with your hips and feet wide apart.

Now bend your knees pointing forward and back up your hips and keep your arms behind your back, let them remain free and violently push the floor with all of your strength and raise your arms as well and afterward touch down softly on your knees and repeat this exercise at least ten times a day.


Skaters Helps in Increase Height Naturally

This is precisely a skater movement you have to go back and forth and vice-versa. Start off with standing tall and keeping your shoulder and legs width apart. Now try to force your leg to get back your left one.

Now extend it as far as possible and then lean forward and try to touch down the left toe and pull back your right leg to its original position or just come up. Similarly, do it with your left leg as well. Now perform this exercise 20 times a day.

Jumping Lunges-

Jumping Lunges For Increase Height Naturally

This is a jump and lunge, or you can say a combination of both lunges and jumps. So to perform this, Stand with your feet together and abs tight and then step forward into a lunge position. Make sure that your back knee barely touching the ground and shoulder and hips should be over your back knee.

Now push off both feet jumping into the air swing your legs in a scissor fashion line with your right foot forward ready to lunge.

Knee Tuck Jump-

Knee Tuck Jump For Increase Height Naturally

In this exercise what you are going to do is to fuse some power and some explosiveness. So just stand straight put your hands out, and you are going to just jump up as high as you can and bring your knees to your hands.

Just keep your hands out, and you just march and go fast and hard as you can. If you cannot jump up and get the full effect of exercise just explode tour legs and try to touch your hand with your knee.

Standing Toe Touch Stretch-

Standing Toe Touch Stretch

So what are you going to do is standing with your feet together and legs straight, bend forward your hips rounding your back as you reach for your toes. Now hold this stretch for at least 20 seconds and even longer if you are comfortable. Remember not to pose or bounce but to pushing to your time slowly and your done.

Skipping Ropes-

Skipping Ropes For Increase Height Naturally

It helps you lose fat super fast and enhances your height. It is the most straightforward exercise and yes the versatile use, it can be done anywhere. Grab a rope align your hands with certain symmetry, make sure there is a very minimum movement of your shoulders and elbows only that way it can be done efficiently.

Now try to attain a momentum and start skipping rope but make sure you must not jump off the ground more than 1-2 inches. Keep your body straight, tall and tight and perform this exercise regularly.


Sleep For Increase Height Naturally

It is indeed an exercise when it comes to increasing your height sleeping is the time when your body expands and your growth hormones functions. But make sure that your posture should be correct too.

Sleep with your face towards the ceiling of your house. Sleeping is necessary for everyone, but for fitness’s perspective, an individual must take a sleep of at least eight uninterrupted hours. So make a proper rest.

So this was all about increasing your height, and these are some of the most important and useful ways to improve your height rapidly, Try out these ideas and see the results.

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