Home Remedies For Breast Pain (Top 10 Home Remedies)

If you feel any kind of soreness, distress, discomfort or strain nearby your breast or your underarm section then that is caused by a few reasons and one of them could be breast pain. So here are some home remedies for breast pain.

But breast pain is not at all because of breast cancer. Breast pain. It is basically known as mastalgia. It is very common both in females as well as in males.

Men can have breast pain too. Females may start experiencing mastalgia at puberty and commonly during hormonal change Pregnancy, menopause or menstruation.

Either you are having pain in one breast or the other one, there is no need to get terrified or panic because breast pain has nothing to do with breast cancer unless you are having a lump in the breast. Breast pain or you say mastalgia is absolutely natural and you do not have to worry at all.

But if you are seeking to get rid of this annoying soreness and pain there are some simple yet effective natural home therapies

To cut down breast pain and tenderness associated with such problems.

Is breast pain common?

Well, you are not all alone, approximately 78%-80% of women or girls suffer from unnecessary pain in either one breast or the other one.

Especially during menstruation cycle, females body contains high levels of estrogen and what actually happens when estrogen levels increase then they cause soreness and discomfort in your breast and your nipples get affected too, they remain stiff and tight all the time.

This condition is literally very discomforting and annoying that it eventually causes mood swings. The intensity of pain varies from one woman to another.

10 Best home remedies for breast pain-

Follow these simple home remedies to get rid of breast pain forever-

Soap massage

Soap massage home remedies for breast pain

When you are taking a shower, apply soap on your breasts and do a gentle massage starting from the center part of the chest and massaging towards the armpits.

This actually helps in improving blood circulation. It also helps in lymph drainage through which the infection-fighting components travel in the body.

Ice pack

Ice pack home remedies for breast pain

To get rid of breast pain or swelling, you can use this ice pack. So what you are going to do is fill ice cubes in a bag and wrap a towel around it.

Now put this ice pack on either of the breasts for ten minutes at least or more and then put it on the other breast and vice-versa.

This cold pack actually helps in decreasing breast swelling, pain, tenderness, and soreness. Perform this remedy a few times a day until and unless you get better.

Wearing support bras

Wearing support bras home remedies for breast pain

Keep your breast tight. Avoid wearing underwire bras. Instead, you can use support bras. You must not take off your bra at night before falling asleep.

Keeping your breasts tight at night helps in decreasing the breast jostling at night. If you are wearing a new bra, it should cup the breasts without causing pinching. When you select new bras that are comfortable, you must ditch the older ones that are stretched.

Eat soy foods


home remedies for breast pain Eat soy foods

Women who have breast pain or tenderness should increase the intake of soybeans. Soybeans are indeed very effective and helpful for a human body. Soybeans contain phytoestrogens, which are hormone-like compounds.

These following compounds have consequences on hormone inconsistency during menopause as well as menstruation.

Soy foods also contain is flavones compounds, which help in decreasing breast pain and tenderness. You should also eat meat substitutes that contain soy.

Eat tofu, soy nuts etc. You can even have soy milk or make smoothies out of it.

Avoid methyl Xanthippe

Avoid methyl xanthippe

If you are looking to get rid of breast pain, you must ditch foods that contain methylxanthine. This compound is generally present in foods such as tea, chocolate, coffee, cheese, pickles, mushrooms etc.

So if you are really looking to get rid of breast pain then you have to got to stop consuming these items or lessen the consumption. You should also avoid having too much peanut butter. You can prevent painful breast lumps by avoiding these food items.

Vitamin E and B-6

Vitamin E and B-6

By avoiding above mentioned food items you can add up items into your diet to get rid of breast tenderness. You can prevent it by consuming foods that actually contains vitamin E such as sunflower seeds, Swiss chard, almonds, red bell peppers, barley, basil, oregano, kale, broccoli, wheat germ, peanuts, spinach, mustard greens, and dried apricots.

Add up some foods that are rich in vitamin b-6 such as avocado, green peas, lean meat, fish, baked potato, cashew nuts, yams, turnip greens, hazelnuts etc. By having these supplements you can boost the required vitamins and prevent breast pain.

Evening primrose oil

Evening primrose oil

It is generally abstracted from the seed of a primrose plant. It has various uses and one of them is to get rid of breast pain in women. So what you have to do is apply evening primrose oil on the breasts and massage gently with your hands.

This oil contains essential fatty acids, which will help in decreasing pain and tenderness in the breasts. Keep on massaging for a few minutes every day and you will feel the difference very early.

Warm compress

Warm compress

Well, indeed warm compress can help effectively in reducing breast pain and tenderness and swelling as well. You can soak a towel in warm water and apply on your breasts for 10-15 minutes at least. Warm compresses help you in improving blood circulation.

It basically provides warmness to your breasts which further relaxes your nerves and soften your tensed muscle tissues. Make sure you apply it only to the severe painful and tender breast to cut down burning sensation. It also triggers mental reflexes to repair the ailments. Do it regularly.

Eat fibrous food

Eat fibrous food

Foods containing fiber are very good for breast tenderness or pain. You must have fruits, whole grains, and vegetables. Need also legumes like lentils. You can also eat black beans.

If you consume foods that are rich in fibers, you will excrete estrogen. This helps in decreasing breast pain.

Coconut oil


Coconut oil

This is one of the foremost effective home remedies for curing the pain or mastalgia. Massaging with coconut oil is very satisfying and effective. We are all very well known about the healing properties of coconut oil. It relieves the pain instantly. While massaging just focus on the areas nearby armpits and breasts.

It will provide relief to those women who are having severe pain. Just rinse those affected areas with rose water and then apply some hot coconut oil on it and let the rest of the job done by the coconut oil. You can perform this every day or as per your pain.

So these are some effective home remedies to relieve you from breast tenderness and pain instantly. All you need to do is follow these steps on a regular basis and you will get good results.

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