10 Best Foods and Exercises to Gain Healthy Weight

So Are you skinny No matter if you are a guy or a girl, if you are unable to gain healthy weight, you’re categorized as “hard gainer” or “ectomorph.” looking to gain some healthy weight?

You think you eat a lot, but unfortunately, you don’t weight a lot, and you just can’t seem to gain weight. You’re actually ready to build some muscle, bulk up, and start feeling healthy about yourself…but you don’t have any freaking clue about what you’re doing literally.

People might tell you “it would be better to have a fast metabolism,” but somewhere deep inside you’re aspiring that you could actually get bigger! When you eat.

Luckily, there are some simple yet effective ways to gain healthy weight super fast.

People would spend years struggling to gain healthy weight and get bigger, but they end getting nowhere.

So if you are also working on getting bigger and stronger, you don’t have to feel that I must have bad genetics and just can’t get bigger. There are various foods and exercises through the chaos and misinformation to help you get healthy body weight and that too instantly.

How to Gain Healthy Weight 🙂

First off you must consult a nutritionist or a physician before acquiring any weight-gain diet. A doctor can also help you rule out other health problems that might be contributing to being skinny or underweight, such as parasites, thyroid problems, or disordered eating.

After consulting with a doctor, follow these effective foods and exercises to healthful pack on some weight.

1. Eat a lot

Eat a lot For Gain Healthy Weight

Yea you got that right. If you’re not gaining any healthy weight or getting bigger, that just means you’re not eating enough.

Do not overthink this. When you first start exercising and trying to gain some weight, you must have to DOUBLE the amount of food you’re eating. Make these changes now and it will definitely work. You might have tried unsuccessfully to get bigger prior to that, but it was simply because you were not eating enough food.

You might eat 6 big meals, 3 MONSTER meals, or any combination of anything works for your plan.

This is going to be tough for a while because your body isn’t habitual of eating this much food, which means you’ll have to push your limits to eat even when you’re not hungry.

Add at least 500 extra calories a day it will help you get at least 1 pounds in a week. Whatever you are eating right now just add on additional 500 to 600 calories and you will be amazed to see the results.

Count your calories, get yourself a caloric average for every single day (training day, rest day, etc.) And then eat MORE than that. If you are still not getting healthy weight, then you required to eat more than that.

2. Milk

Milk For Gain Healthy Weight

Milk has been used as a muscle builder or simply weight gainer for decades.

It provides good stability of carbs, proteins, and fats. Apart from that Milk is always a good source of calcium, as well as other minerals and vitamins.

If you are looking to add more muscle, milk is an essential and vital protein source that provides both whey proteins and casein. Researches have even shown that milk can help you gain muscle when done with weight lifting.

Besides, studies have also shown that milk, or casein and whey combined, can lead to a healthy weight gain than other protein sources.

Drink at least one or two glasses with a meal, as a snack, or before and after a workout if you are working out.

3. Nuts and Nut Butters


Nuts and Nut Butters For Gain Healthy Weight

Well, Nuts and nut butter are an ideal choice if you’re trying to gain healthy weight.

One small handful of almonds consists of over 18 grams of healthy fats and at least 7 grams of protein.

Since they are way too much calorie-dense, exactly two handfuls per day as a snack or with a meal can quickly add up hundreds of calories.

Nut butter can also be mixed to a variety of dishes, or snacks such as yogurts, smoothies and much more.

But, make sure you pick pure 100% nut butter that has only a few countable ingredients and no extra oils or added sugar.

4. Red Meats

Red Meats

Red meats are apparently one of the greatest muscle-building foods available.

For example, Steak which contains around 2-3 grams of leucine per 5-6 ounces. Leucine is the vital key amino acid which your body requires to add new muscle tissue and stimulate muscle protein synthesis.

Additionally, red meats are one of the greatest sources of dietary creatine, which is probably the world’s greatest muscle-building supplement.

They also have more fat and calories than leaner meats, helping you to add weight and take in extra calories.

In a study, 6 ounces of red meat was added in the diets of 100 elderly women and completed resistance training sessions almost six days a week for around six weeks.

All the women gained mass, an increase in the important muscle-building hormone and had an 18% increase in strength. Both fatty and lean types of meat are the best source of protein, Even though fatty meat provides most calories, which can help you gain healthy weight.

5. Eat more frequently

Eat more frequently

When it comes to gaining healthy weight then this is one of the most effective ways. When you start introducing more calories into each meal it easy to feel full fast. Changes in food intake might also bring on acne or gastrointestinal issues (be careful to note any potential side effects in your diary).

Eat before bed. By spreading calorie intake out over five to six smaller meals throughout the day you are literally making things easier on your belly.

 6. Protein


Protein means building block for your muscles. Chicken, meat, fish, milk, eggs, almonds.  You must target for 8 grams of protein per pound of your body weight.

You don’t need to overtake it with 300 plus grams of protein as you might find in fitness magazines – they often prescribe that much protein so that you buy they’re branded yet expensive protein powders. But you do not require that much protein.

7. Carbs


Carbs are your friend when you are looking to put on weight – rice, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, etc. will help you gain healthy weight. You can also eat a lot of carbs in order to get your calorie goals.

You can get yourself away with eating less healthy things like pasta, bread, and even snack food ON OCCASION, but try to avoid those things most of the days.

Also, every meal should have vegetables when possible so your body can properly adjust all those calories as they move through your body.

Additionally, eating a lot of healthy oils using in your cooking and eating ( olive oil, coconut oil) can easily help you attain your daily caloric goals too, And eating lots of nuts ( high fat, high calorie). Apart from food, some effective exercises can help you put on healthy weight.

Compound exercises are your friend 

Compound exercises

Well so far, the stress is laid on the weight gain portion. Follow the above simple yet effective steps, and you’ll gain healthy weight. However, if you’re not also working out properly, you’ll just end up getting really fat, and not gaining any Healthy weight.

That’s where Workout comes in!

Focus on complex, compound exercises that engage as many muscles as possible:

overhead press

bench press


pull ups



chin ups

Do these exercises regularly, and focus on getting as stronger as possible with each of them.

Well, you don’t have to worry about the isolation exercises like shoulder shrugs, triceps extensions, bicep curls or crunches right now.

All of the compound exercises mentioned up here use every single muscle of your body, and when you overdose your body with calories and protein, those muscles will eventually grow.

If you eat enough and get strong with those exercises above, and you will gain a healthy weight and get bigger.

  1. Rest


When working out or training, keep your rest time between sets to a minute or two and don’t push yourself more than 12 reps in a set – Make sure you Keep your range of reps somewhere between 6 and 12 and try to keep the rest time between sets to a minute or two.

For instance: you did incline dumbbell chest press – 12 reps of 60 lbs, wait for a minute or two, then 10 reps of 65 lbs, rest again for a minute or two, another 8 reps of 70 lbs.

2. Cardio is your enemy 


Running long distances manually or on the treadmill isn’t going to help you. If you’re going to run, then you must do quick sprints or run up a hill.

If you enjoy running, that’s fine, but you have got to understand that you’ll require to eat even more calories and the running is properly working against your muscles that are trying to get bigger.

Make sure you keep your distance cardio to a minimum if you want to put on some healthy pounds.

3. Sleep


Sleeping is the time when your muscle or body grows so you must have 7 hours of sleep, but 8-9 hours of sleep every night is optimal for maximum gains. Your body is not doing anything but lying or relaxing. They are literally building muscle while you’re taking a nap or sleeping.

If you are getting 6 hours sleep or less, you’re not going to get all the advantages of your diet and exercises. It’s difficult, but Let your muscles rest. They also require to relax in order to proper functioning and growth. So take a good sleep.

So these are some effective food supplements and exercises to gain healthy weight instantly. Make sure you follow these steps carefully to get quick results.

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