Home Remedies for Eye Strain (Eye Strain to Relieve Pain)

Eye strain is also known as eye fatigue or tired eyes. Eye strain is the problem occurring to more people these days in comparison to before. So what is the reason behind having this problem?

The main cause of the eye strain is the more time spending on the use of electronic items such as smart phone, or laptop etc. The eyes did not get the proper rest because of using these items. The ultra violet rays which are driven by these devices causes the eye strain problem.

Some of the study published in the journal that nowadays students are using devices like computer and smarts phone more than anything and exposed to the accelerated environmental eye fatigue because of frequent uses of the screens of the computer, that’s why most of the college students are having glasses. Eye strain is a complaint which is frequent because of the usage of the computer for the academic or recreational purposes and also for the social networking.

Some other researches have also shown some causes other than the computer and smartphones like artificial or the insufficient lighting, very long hours of watching the visual displays, eating a poor diet. The eye muscles efficiency have completely damaged because of the prolonged hours of office work and academic studies, emotional tension and psychosocial tension.

So what are the symptoms which you can notice so that you can prevent having eye strain?

Some of the symptoms are

  • Dryness and redness in the eyes,
  • Irritation and inflammation
  • Decreased visual acuity.
  • Pain around the eyes which is getting worse as the day goes
  • Difficulty in concentration due to the tension in the eyes or sometimes experiencing the brain fog.

These symptoms can be deal with some of the ways like, getting a break from the screen time and practice some eye exercises. It is more important to take care of your eyes by managing the level of the stress and eating a healthy and rich in nutrients diet.

Eye Strain

Here are some of the home remedies which you can try at home to get rid of the eye strain;

Cold water:

Cold water is one of the easiest and the best remedy to provide an instant relief to the eyes. Cold water provides a relaxation to the eye muscles and try to reduce the pain in the eyes. Cold water also help in preventing the loss of the vision problems but sometimes in order to get all the benefits of the cold water it is required to splash water in your eyes several times a day.


Cucumber is very cool naturally even if you didn’t put it in refrigerator. Thus it is very effective to treat the problem of the eye strain. It also helps in reducing the pain, irritation and the inflammation in the eyes. This does not end here as the cucumber is also a remedy to make your eyes relax instantly. To see the instant results you need to place a thin cucumber slice on your eye lids for around 20 minutes to see the best and instant results.

Tea bags:

Tea bags are also a very useful remedy for the eye strain. Tea bags does contain some useful contents which are known to produce the anti-inflammatory effects and therefore it provides a very good relief from the eye strain problem and symptoms of the pain. Not only this, it also protects the eyes from the risk of infection and it also improves the blood circulation which helps in preventing the severe side effects. To see the results put a water soaker tea bag on the eye lids for 10 minutes.

Warm compress:

Warm compress is a very good therapy to relax your eyes completely. All the symptoms of the eye strain can be treated with the help of warm compress. Warm compress does help in reducing the stress level, pain, and inflammation and swelling effects of the eyes. Not only this, it also helps in improving the circulation of the blood in the eye vessels which helps in prevent the frequent occurrence of the problem. So to get this done, apply a warm compress on your eye lids for a 20 minutes time to relieve the pain very effectively.

Rose water:

Rose water is very good remedy which helps in soothing the eyes and is very cool which ultimately relax the eyes completely. Rose water do helps in the cleaning of the eyes and prevents the problems of the eye strain completely. To use this put a few drops of the rose water in your eyes. Do this before you are going to bed to get a sleep so that it have sufficient time to remove the bad elements from the eye to treat the eye strain.


Milk is very useful in every sense. It is also useful to remove the tiredness of the eyes. The milk contains the rich properties which does help in relaxing the eyes to provide a relief. Not only this, milk also do treat the problem of the inflammation, puffiness and pain in the eyes. All you need is to apply some fresh milk on the closed eyes for about 10 minutes to get the benefits of this.


Honey is the main home remedy which can be used anywhere. Honey in the case of the eye strain helps in cleansing the eyes and it is one of the important remedies to prevent or treat the problem of the eye strain. You should put a few drops of the honey mixed with the milk in the eyes daily to treat the problem completely.

To treat the eye strain the main and to most important remedy is to avoid the smart phones use if not doing something important. Do avoid social media chats, do call instead if you have a eye strain problem. The loss of fluids in the summer time may lead this problem so do not let your body dehydrate, drink lots of water. Try to splash the cold water at least 3-4 times. If you’re using computer or phone for long time than you should splash water in the eyes for 5-6 times a day. Try some sort of liquid drops in the eyes recommended by a doctor and use them regularly if you are a student. Studying for long hours can also cause the eye strain so try some of the liquid eye drops. Do eat a healthy green vegetable diet which are good for your eyes.