8 Remedies To Get Rid off Dry Lips In Winter (Dry and Chapped Lips)

Well in winter probably everyone feels dry lips. It is basically due to the lip skin which is very thin, it is too sensitive, it does not have any oil glands and moreover, no hair coverage which could protect our lips from vicious weather and hence a slight touch can get your lips harmed.

You get dry, Flaky, cracked, itchy, chapped lips and whatnot, especially in the winter. Moreover, there are various other reasons behind this such as licking lips all the time, use of different harmful chemical products, peeling off of your lips is generally due to dehydration and it is the dead skin which causes the rough lips.

Pink soft smooth and moisturized lips are hence everyone aspire for especially in the winter season. Beautifully pink lips say it all about the inner health of an individual. As winter gives you flaky, dry, chapped lips but still you can get it done if you get a little more careful about your lips before the winter season starts.

Try these amazingly effective remedies to get rid off peeling lips and keep them away from getting flaky and dry. All the ingredients mentioned below are easily available and does not take much of your time. Prepare your lips for the upcoming winter season by using these remedies and get rid of peeling lips forever.

8 Remedies To Get Rid off Dry Lips In Winter 🙂

1. Coconut Oil For Lips

Coconut Oil For Dry Lips

You will require Virgin coconut oil or castor oil or olive oil or if you get almonds oil or grapeseed oil or jojoba oil or if 1-2 drops of tea tree oil or neem oil whichever is easily available to you.

What did you get to do?

So whichever carrier oil and the essential oil is easily accessible to you. You will be required to prepare a blend by 1-2 drops of the essential oil available to you into the carrier oil. Afterward, put this blend or mixture over your lips and leave it there for a while and let it dry.

You can put this blend on your face twice or thrice a day. Moreover, you can put this on your face before going to bed and left it overnight.

Career oils such as coconut oil, castor oil, and olive are great natural moisturizers. Career oils basically contain fatty acids which provide the necessary to our lips prevent them from getting peeled off by making them soft.

Whereas essential oils provide the vital healing process. Moreover, they protect our lips from further infections caused by the cracks or dryness in the lips.

2. Aloe Vera Gel For Your Lips

Aloe Vera Gel For Dry Lips

You will just require an Aloe Vera leaf which will get the job done.

What did you get to do?

First off cut out the leaf sideways and then spoon out the gel from it into a container or as a utensil (with an airtight lid).

Afterward, just put on the gel on your lips and leave it overnight to dry.

You can put the rest or the remaining gel into an insulated container. You can store it in a refrigerator if you are living somewhere in a hot climate to prevent it from getting spoiled and make use of it next time.

Aloe Vera basically contains vital natural ingredients which take out the dead layer of lip skin cells and smooths the chapped skin. Moreover, it provides strength to the thinner layer of our skin and also provide a cooling effect.

3. Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking

Smoking normally causes the dryness in your lips and hence they start peeling off.

Smoking is not only harmful to our health but it also has a very bad effect on our lips and on our mouth skin as well.

It makes our lips darker and blackish by attaching a black or you say darker layer over our lips and also over teeth. So if you are a chain-smoker and also having black and darker skin over your lips then it is just because of smoking. Smoking makes our lips look pale and unimpressive.

Especially in winter, you should stay miles away from smoking or better you should quit smoking forever and only that way you can get rid of darker lips or better own a lip balm to use it just after smoking or you can also rub a lemon over your lips to remove the dark hue from the lips. So say no to smoking now and welcome lovely kissable lips.

4. Don’t Lick/Peel/Bite the Lips

Don’t Lick Peel Bite the Lips

You are not the only one with this bad habit. Probably everyone does it. Licking to biting the lips makes the thin layer of our skin susceptible. You should stop licking or biting your lips right away.

Licking also makes your lips more dryer. The saliva which our spit has generally removed the moisture from the lips and hence lips become chapped quickly. Better keep a lip balm and put it on your lips whenever you feel any kind of dryness.

Don’t breathe in through your mouth instead breathe in through nose because breathing through mouth makes your lips more cracking. It is a problem and hence you should concern your doctor and also if you can’t avoid breathing from your mouth then you must put on a 100% natural moisturizer at night.

5. Rose Petals

Rose Petals

You will require 5-6 rose petals and 1/4 cup of raw milk.

What did you get to do?

Just soak those 5-6 rose petals into the row milk for around 2-3 hours. Afterward, mash up the rose petals and make a paste out of it.

Then put it on over your lips for around 20 minutes approx. and let it dry. Afterward, wash it off with the help of cold water.

Do this for at least a week or more for better results.

Rose petals normally contain Vitamin E and hence they have skin nourishing properties. Rose petals help you retain the natural pink color of your lips. On the other hand, Milk contains lactic acid which removes the dead cells from the lips. Milk has various essential vitamins, fats, and minerals to keep your lips hydrated and nourished.

6. Cucumber For Chapped Lips

Cucumber For Chapped

You will require just a cucumber slice for this remedy.

What did you get to do?

Just softly rub the slice of cucumber over your lips back and forth for around a minute or two.

Leave the juice obtained by rubbing over your lips for a while and let it dry.

Afterward, rinse it off with cold water. Moreover, you can also mash up a cucumber slice and make a paste out of it and then apply it over your lips. Apply it at least once and almost two times a day for better results.

Cucumber can be your best friend in summers because of its cooling properties. Make use of it to treat your chapped and dry like dessert lips. Cucumber is the best item to keep your lips and skin hydrated. The dryness and the flakiness you are having will be gone just in a few days.

7. Protect Your Lips during Sleeping

Protect Your Lips during Sleeping

The night time is the most vital and essential time to keep your lips moisturized for all day long especially in the winter season. Apply some sort of skin jelly or any lip balm for this operation. The lips suck out the balm left overnight and keeps the pout awake for many hours during the day.

Moreover honey is best for various purposes so you can apply some honey leave it all night. Honey has various moisturizing properties to keep your lips moisturized and make your lips healthy. So don’t forget to put on some sort of moisturizer on your lips before going in bed.

8. Emergent Tips for Severe Painful Chapped Lips

Emergent Tips for Severe Painful Chapped lips

In winter most of us are quite familiar with severe bleeding and cracking of the lips. It is very difficult to even because that’s pretty painful. Moreover, they even look uglier.

To get rid of it you should rub your lips with a warm rag quite frequently during the day to dense the cracked lips.

Afterward, hold a cold compress to prevent further bleeding and eventually apply some coconut oil over your lips for better and instant results.

Try out this treatment many times a day it will basically heal your lips from cracking and bleeding. One more thing that does not blot your bleeding lips because that ain’t gonna heals them up.

So these are some tips or you can say some remedies to get rid of your peeling or dry lips in the winter season. Follow these remedies and you will notice the results quickly. Once you get pink beautiful lips to make sure to flaunt them look beautiful.

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