5 Quick Tips to Fix Broken Fingernails (Best Ways to Fix a Broken Nail)

One of the most irritating things that can happen to you is a broken fingernail. Broken fingernails look unclean and give off the vibe that you don’t take care of yourself.

These days, fingernails aren’t just any other body part. Fingernails are used to express oneself through design, length, art, etc.

Picture this: you’re almost ready to go to an amazing party, you’re all dressed up from head to toe, you have also taken the pain of getting a manicure done, and your nail art game looks on point. But oh, life isn’t very easy. You suddenly notice a broken fingernail. What do you do? Read on…

  • Importance of Fingernails:

Fingernails are important not only from a biological perspective but also from a fashion perspective. Fingernail art/design/polish, if applied properly can change a casual look into something that is thoroughly glamorous. All in all, fingernails are pretty important.

  • All About Broken Fingernails:

There could be a lot of reasons why your fingernails break. Here’s a small list of reasons for broken fingernails:

  1. Iron Deficiency can lead to brittle, and ultimately broken fingernails.
  2. Non-stop texting without taking care of nails has been proven to cause nail damage.
  3. You leave nail polish on for a very long time. The reason for this is that nail polishes contain a drying ingredient which causes moisture to be absorbed from your nail continuously until they become brittle and ultimately break.
  4. You directly apply a base-coat of nail polish to your nails. This could be eating away your nail enamel. Instead, you should try applying a little lotion to your nails before you apply nail paint. You’ll see the difference, we promise.
  5. You probably have messed up cuticles. While it is advised that you should regularly take care of your cuticles, overdoing it can be disastrous for your nails.
  6. Usage of acetone-based polish removers can also cause brittle nails by robbing your nails of all their natural oils. The solution is that you choose to use a polish-remover which is acetone-free, and preferably soy-based.
  7. Nails need vitamins to grow and stay strong. If you’re not consuming enough of said vitamins, you shouldn’t be surprised that you have brittle nails. The solution is that you start consuming supplements such as Biotin, after consulting with your general practitioner.

How to repair broken fingernails? :

As stated previously, broken fingernails can seriously become a party-pooper. They’re inconvenient and look very unclean. Broken fingernails can potentially make you look homeless.  Don’t fret, though. Here are a few home remedies to repair broken fingernails:

  • Clear Tape Can Do Wonders: 

You know the cellophane tape that you use for various things such as wrapping presents, has quite a few varied uses. Clear tape is amazing for repairing a broken fingernail in minutes. One can use any kind of clear tape, given that it uses only a mild adhesive.

In that capacity, you can use either gift-wrapping clear tape or even any other office tape that is transparent. Using a tape with a strong adhesive can cause other issues that you don’t want. Follow these directions to repair your broken fingernail by using clear tape:

  1. Use a good pair of scissors to cut a small piece of clear tape. This piece of clear tape should be slightly bigger than your broken fingernail. Trim the piece of tape perfectly according to the required size.
  2.  Now, cover the broken nail with this freshly cut piece of tape. Make sure that the piece of tape covers the tear on your nail perfectly.
  3.  Adjust the tape properly so it covers the entire length of the tear on your nail. Apply light pressure so that it stays firmly in place.
  4. You must avoid scratching the nail in the opposite direction of the tear. This can cause a lot of trouble, and even result in the nail breaking off.
  • Nail Glue is Probably Your Best Bet:

Using nail glue to fix a broken fingernail might be a little difficult at first, but it is probably the most effective way to fix a broken fingernail.

It is advised that you avoid using cheap nail glue, as it can cause quite a few problems in the near future. As much as possible, go for premium quality products because they are thoroughly tested and proven to be safe for use.

For Broken Fingernails

Follow these directions to use nail glue to repair a broken fingernail:

  1.  Use a fresh toothpick to pick up a single drop of nail glue.
  2. Use this nail glue to apply a very minute layer of adhesive on the broken fingernail.
  3. One must be careful not to overindulge because nail glue is pretty strong.
  4. If nail glue isn’t readily available, you can also use superglue. However, it is recommended that you use only a fraction of the amount you’d use with nail glue.
  5.  If you’re using superglue, please ensure that you don’t touch either the superglue or even the broken nail with your naked fingers.
  6.  Usage of superglue must be avoided at all costs, if (a) you have also injured your nail bed, (b) the crack caused by the broken nail is too wide.
  • Unused Tea Bags:

Who knew even tea bags could be used to repair broken fingernails? Good quality tea bags usually have a very soft, fibrous cloth that is ideal to repair a broken fingernail.

Follow these instructions to repair a broken fingernail using a tea bag cloth:

  1. Cut a small piece of an unused tea bag, and use a small toothpick to place a drop of glue on it.
  2. Using a pair of tweezers, place this cloth on the broken fingernail, and apply slight pressure until the glue dries out.
  3. Use a good quality file to smoothen out the edges of your nail, as well as the piece of cloth.
  4. After the cloth is affixed in its place, apply a coat of nail polish and let it dry.
  5. Once it dries, add another layer of nail polish for added beauty and strength.
  • Use Shellac Nail Polish:

Shellac is basically a mixture of nail polish and gel. Shellac nail polish is touted as the most long-lasting remedy to repair a broken fingernail.

Using shellac nail polish to mend a broken fingernail can take a comparatively long time, because of the curing process involved. You can speed up the curing process by using an artificial source of light.

Here are the steps to repair a broken fingernail using shellac nail polish:

  1. Keep the broken fingernail in its original place. Make sure that it fits perfectly because it is going to be there for a long time.
  2. Apply a coat of shellac nail polish to the entire nail while keeping the broken piece in its original position.
  3. As stated, Shellac nail polish requires a curing period. To facilitate faster curing, you can hold your hand under a UV nail lamp, or even a small LED lamp for about 30-60 seconds.
  4. After you’ve successfully cured your first coat of shellac nail polish, it is time to apply the final or finishing coat. Apply the second coat, and repeat the curing process again. Using a UV nail light will take a little longer than 60 seconds if you’ve applied the first coat properly. This is also a great technique to prevent unwanted chipping of nails.
  • Fiberglass Adhesive Tape Method:

Fiberglass adhesive tape or even silk wrap is considered to be a very good method to repair broken fingernails. This method ensures that the broken fingernail does not move from its position. However, this method can take a little longer than others but is just as effective.

Here’s how you can repair a broken fingernail using fiberglass adhesive tape or silk wrap:

  1. Keep the broken nail in its original position, and carefully cover the crack & the fingernail with a suitable piece of silk wrap.
  2. Once you’re satisfied with the nail position, use a small Q-tip or toothpick to put a teeny-tiny drop of nail glue onto the silk wrap. Let it dry entirely.
  3. Fiberglass adhesive tapes are much easier to use. All you need to do is take a small piece of fiberglass tape and apply it to the broken fingernail.
  4. Having been satisfied with your nail position, you can now use any nail polish to make them look beautiful.

There it is our top 5 methods to repair broken fingernails. You never know when a nail might decide to break – it could on your way to a party. Use these tips to secure nail in position for a long time, so as to get through the situation without any glitches.

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