Best Bicep Exercises For Women and Men (Workout For Women & Men 2019)

If you are tired of doing all types of Bicep exercises and your bicep is still not getting the shape which you want then do not skip reading this article. In this article I am going to tell you the Top 10 Bicep exercises (Women and Men) which will help you grow your bicep size and add a sexy glow and charm to your arm, that rhymes perfectly.

But there is a catch, Before moving to Bicep exercises let us first learn the way bicep exercises works and the muscle groups of biceps and also the three angles at which you should train your bicep.

Here’s is the Bicep Muscle details:

Bicep has 2 muscles name Brachii and Brachialis and 3 Different angles to train the Biceps:

  • Brachii: Which is our main muscle. It has two sub muscles name as Long head and short head. The long head is upper side muscle on the other hand short head is inside muscle. Both heads arise on the scapula and join to form a single muscle belly which is attached to the upper forearm.
  1. When you do straight curl than your main muscle long head is training.
  2. When your hand goes outside and then focusing on inside than you are training your short head.
  • Brachialis: It is outer part of the Bicep (If you have seen a pistol type shape of arms of some bodybuilders, this is that).A lot of People have big arms but weak Brachialis muscle. They don’t have a definition outside the Bicep which is very important to give shape to the bicep.
  1. When your hand is inward than you are training brachialis-outer bicep muscle.

Meal 30 minutes before doing bicep exercise:

  • As in the bicep exercise, the energy level should have to be at the top. To achieve that you must have a meal 30 minutes before going to the gym. The meal includes a banana, 20 almonds and a scoop of whey.
  • Another meal if you don’t prefer the above-mentioned meal is 1 regular size potato and a cup of curd.

Some do’s and don’ts before starting the bicep exercises:

  • Do stretch your body before starting bicep exercises and some warm-up exercises.
  • Do complete full sets with required reps(3 sets, 15 reps)
  • Don’t exercise too much- like doing a heavy warm-up or HIIT workout?

Now let’s come to the Top 10 exercises that you should perform:

Alternate dumbbell curls:

Alternate dumbbell curls For Bicep Exercises

This is the first exercise on the list. Just keep your shoulders lock and chest out, lift the dumbbell up and squeeze the arm then down, nice and slow. You need to maintain the same speed of up and down.

Do perform 3 sets of 15 reps. Just remember 1 thing this bicep exercise will give you a nasty pump that is going to stay for at least 48 hours.

Preacher curls:

Preacher curls

Now we come to the 2nd Do sit on the preacher bench and put all your shoulders and elbow weight on that. Keeping the wide grip and squeezing the arm while lifting up and stretch arm while going down. While lifting up, do it slow and while going down take it normally. Do perform 4 sets of 12 reps each.

Tip: Perform it as slow as you can so that blood will move to your arm and more tissue can be broke.

One arm standing Bicep curl:

One arm standing Bicep curl

This exercise has to be performed in a standing position. Do not use preacher bench in this. Just take the normally inclined bench. Put your working shoulder and elbow pressure on the bench and then perform the exercise slowly.

One variation in this exercise is when you lift up the dumbbell than tilt the dumbbell outside the arm while squeezing the arm at the same time. While doing this you will be able to see the peak lifting clearly. Do perform 3 sets of 15 reps each. In starting exercises you have to perform more reps with less weight, incoming exercises reps will be low and weight will be high.

One arm concentration curl:

One arm concentration curl

In this exercise, find a simple bench and sit on than horizontally. Keeping the dumbbell in the hand put your elbow against your thigh. After that do lift up and take it down slowly. Do perform 4 sets of 12 reps each of each arm.

Tip: Do squeeze properly while lifting up the dumbbell and stretch the arm properly while coming down. If you only squeezing not stretching then you are only training one of the 2 head which we have described above.

Barbell curls (Wide grip):

Barbell curls

This exercise doesn’t need a lot of weight to put. Just take a simple 3.5 feet bar and put a little weight on it (5 kg both sides).

After that take a wide grip of 1 or 2 inches more than the normal grip and do lift and squeeze the arm while lifting up and slowly take it down and stretching at the same time.

Perform the sets nice and slow, do not yank the set. Do perform 3 sets of 10 reps each with wide grip while performing.

Barbell Curl (Close grip):

Barbell Curl Close grip

This bicep exercise is similar to the Preceding exercise with a slighter variation in it, which is Close grip. You need to take a close grip in this and after perform the set in the same way which has been described in 5th

Even when you the weight is so small in this exercise but still it will show you how the quality over quantity in workout shows results. You will be able to see the pump even when you are lifting a lighter weight. Do perform 3 sets of 10 reps each slowly and nicely.

Plate curl:

If you do this exercise right then you will be able to achieve the results which you are waiting. A lot of people do this exercise in the wrong manner. They turn the plate curl in the met factor hammer curl.

Take a plate of 10 kg or 7.5 kg. Lift it up, elbows should be dropped in at the same time. Your job is to keep the plate straight and do perform the set slowly and nicely. Tip: If the plate moves then you are doing it wrong. Do perform 2 sets of 25 reps each.

Grasshopper pushups:

Grasshopper pushups

This is one of the most effective exercises which you should definitely add in your workout list of a bicep. This is similar to the pushups which we normally do with a slight variation. The variation is that Grasshopper pushup has to be performed on the knuckles, not on hands. Do perform 3 sets of 15 reps each.

Tip: If the Knuckles start getting hurt then do take your thumb out form the knuckle and perform after that. Or you could just perform it on a mat that is made of rubber and which will not hurt the knuckle while performing the grasshopper pushups.

Seated hammer dumbbell curl:

Seated hammer dumbbell curl

Seated hammer curls can be performed on a simple bench. You just sit at either of the vertical ends of the bench and take dumbbells of medium weight i.e. which are medium in weight for you.

A benefit of doing seated curl is that your body doesn’t move that much and you are not able to cheat which means that you won’t be using the lower body to lift the dumbbells.

In this, your elbow should not move forward.

Tip: Keep the tension on the biceps because biceps are only lifting dumbbells which is very important to build muscle tissue.

Do perform 3 sets of 8 reps each of each hand.

Inclined Dumbbell curl:

Inclined Dumbbell curl

This exercise can be performed with the help of an incline bench. The benefit of performing this exercise is that your entire upper body gets locked which was not so locked in Hammer curl. The only biceps will work to lift the Dumbbells. Tip: Do not use a heavy dumbbell.

Do perform 3 sets of 8 reps of each hand.

Finally to conclude this article a one-liner tip that I will give you is: Make sure your focus and connection should be with the muscle (Mind and muscle connection).

Do force your muscle to grow by performing the above-shown exercise and I promise you guys that you will not get disappointed. You will have a desired shape of Biceps.

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