Chest Exercises For Building Mass & Strength (Chest Workout for Mass)

In this modern era lifestyle is significant thing an individual desire to have. To have a good living lifestyle, one must be healthy and eventually fit. Being fit is a very significant dilemma with today’s hectic life. But by following some simple steps and routines, one is capable of giving his/her best in every day to day activity. To look good having a great and nicely toned body is the key. The chest is the reflection of one’s physique to the outside world.

Building a bigger and wider chest is a nightmare for many for individuals who are out there trying and struggling for(Chest Exercises) their chest. For building complete and bigger chest the most important thing to have is the perfect chest workout which includes all the chest exercises. This may sound funny to many, but the truth is most chest exercises are not up to the mark, i.e., either performed not correctly or not many reps completed. Some of them either pick up the wrong bunch of chest exercises or they may not be doing them in correct sequence.

Before beginning the workout, it is essential to know about chest anatomy. Chest muscles are known as pecs which separate the chest muscles into three distinct heads that divide the upper chest, lower chest, and the middle chest. The upper head includes the clavicular head, the sternal head in the middle and abdominal head makes the lower torso. The depth in your chest comes out as a result of performing more abdominal exercises that initially helps in reducing fat from the lower chest that minimizes the sagginess.

Therefore, having massive and toned chest try out this intense 5 exercise workout for putting on Mass and developing strength. These chest exercises will not only help you gaining chest Mass but the spirit of aestheticism as well. The first and foremost thing for building chest is to follow the basics, and these include the push-ups and its variants.

The three basics push-ups which include the list are:

Flat push-ups followed by incline push-ups and to end with decline push-ups. This chest exercise helps in providing the initial pump to the muscle before switching to the next set of exercises. Push-ups are the traditional and the most efficient way to grow chest muscle. To start with performing around three sets of each variant and reps to be suited accordingly. Follow the correct posture for each variant. Remember our main aim is to achieve a good posture hence no of reps for beginners is not a major factor.



After completing the push-ups, our next chest exercise is the presses, i.e., the heavy dumbbell presses. To begin with, switch to heavy dumbbells start with incline dumbbell press. For the first set perform around six to eight reps. for remaining sets, we advise that to decrease approximately 25% of previous lifted weight and to increase the no of reps by four to five for every remaining set. This chest exercise will load up the muscle with a lot of blood and helps in proper blood circulation. By using heavy weights, we are activating our type 2 muscle fibers and creating a desired compression in the chest muscle.

Flat bench/dumbbell press-

Flat bench dumbbell press

Moving onto the next chest exercise the flat bench/dumbbell press. This chest exercise is excellent for middle pecs of our chest. This can be done in many ways just by adjusting our grip, i.e., close grip or wide grip. The close grip flat bench press will directly Target the inner pec of the chest while the wide grip will Target the whole middle chest. Again, for this exercise grab the heavy dumbbell according to your strength and perform about six to eight repetitions slowly and nicely having proper posture. For the upcoming sets decrease the weight around twenty to thirty percent of the previous weight. Do all sets up to the muscle failure.

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