10 Benefits Of Marula Oil (Amazing Benefits Of Marula Oil)

Rightfully known as the elixir of youth, marula oil is extracted from kernels of the marula fruit. The marula plant is endemic to the Southern African region. It is a very light oil, and is naturally soothing and is absorbed very quickly by the skin. So here am tell you incredible benefits of marula oil.

Marula oils are also very effective on sensitive and reactive skin, which is probably the reason it is used so widely across the world. Here in this article, we’ve answered questions like What is Marula Oil?, Where does marula oil come from?, What is marula oil used for? etc.

The marula tree itself is a fascinating wonder and has quite a few benefits. For example, the delicious marula fruit contains three times more Vitamin C when compared to an orange. Even the leaves and bark of the tree have amazing health benefits.

However, the most interesting thing about a plant comes in the form of its oil. Using oil for skin has many benefits, which is exactly what we’ve described here.

Here are 10 Benefits of Marula Oil:

Hair and Scalp Health:

Hair and Scalp Health Benefits Of Marula Oil

Using Marula oil for hair incredible benefits. It is rich in antioxidants, fatty acids, minerals and other powerful nutrients that reverse environmental damage to the hair. Regular use of this oil can also prevent UV damage to the hair.

This oil also nourishes the scalp and protects it through its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. If you’ve been in doubt, using marula oil for hair is a good idea.

Your Insurance Against Environmental Damage:

Your Insurance Against Environmental Damage

It is near impossible to protect oneself from environmental damage, i.e. harsh sunlight, cold weather and most importantly, pollution.

One of marula oil’s skin benefits includes protection against factors that damage your skin from within.

This oil basically facilitates and speeds up the process of natural skin renewal when you’re sleeping. Apart from healing damage, oil also shields your skin from further damage.

Repairs and Prevents Stretch Marks:

Repairs and Prevents Stretch Marks

As stated previously, marula oil is rich with a combination of monosaturated fatty acids and vitamin C, which promotes better skin elasticity.

Applying the same principle, it would make sense that one of the uses of marula oil is to prevent stretch marks.

A lot of experts recommend marula oil for pregnancy skin care, as its elasticity-enhancing properties prevent stretch marks on the skin.

Counters the Effects of Hormonal Changes:

Counters the Effects of Hormonal Changes

Use of Marula oil for Hormonal Changes has quite a few benefits. Women who undergo hormonal changes might have noticed skin problems during such periods.

Marula oil is an excellent answer to this – it protects the skin from attacks from the inside too. With the use of marula oil, you’ll have healthy and radiant skin all the time.

Heals Brittle Nails:

Marula oil has skin-enriching properties, and can also be used to treat brittle nails. If you’ve got weak nails that are susceptible to breakage and damage, we suggest you use marula oil.

It nourishes and moisturizes the nails, thereby preventing damage and breakage.

Heals Brittle Nails


Suits All Skin-types:

Suits All Skin-types

One of the best things about Marula oil is that it suits all skin types. Oil is rich in Oleic Acid which nourishes skin and makes it supple.

This oil is absorbed in the skin very easily and does not clog the pores. Marula oil can especially be used by men to moisturize dry and rough skin.


Makes Your Skin Smooth:

Makes Your Skin Smooth

Regular application of marula oil on the skin makes your skin smoother by moisturizing it properly. The best part about marula oil is the skin penetration it manages to achieve – it’ll go in even in the thickest parts of your skin.

Marula oil is rich in Vitamin C and Monosaturated Fatty Acids, a combination of which is helpful in achieving better skin elasticity and firmness. Marula oil also works flawlessly in reducing pigmentation scars and patches.

Protection Against Skin Diseases and Infections:

Protection Against Skin Diseases and Infections

Marula Oil is rich in Linoleic Acid, which helps in treating dry skin. We’ve seen the use of marula oil preventing and even repairing the effects of certain skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, etc.

Usage of this Oil for Acne starts showing its effects in a couple of weeks.

Marula Oil For Lips:

Marula Oil For Lips

As stated quite a few times, marula oil has amazing skin-penetrating abilities and heals dry skin very effectively. Similarly, marula oil has great implications for you if you’re prone to chapped lips.

Marula oil penetrates the lips such that it repairs dryness from within. This oil is seen as one of the safest alternatives to lip-balms and other such products.

Marula Oil Fights Aging:

Marula Oil Fights Aging

Marula oil is rich in antioxidants and other nutrients and helps in reversing the effects of aging. Regular use of this oil for face will fight visible signs of aging, such as dry, lackluster skin with sun damage.

Not only does oil heal broken skin, but it also provides protection against further environmental damage. This oil also boosts the skin’s ability to repair itself, while also increasing collagen production.


In this article, we briefly explained all about the benefits of Marula oil. This oil has numerous uses and the implications are tremendous. The list of oil skin benefits runs very long. Use of this oil for face and hair has caught traction in recent years, too.

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