Fitness Machines- A Beginners Guide 2019 (Quick Start Fitness)

Fitness Machines- A Beginners Guide…

Walking (A Beginners Guide) into a gym for the first time can easily bring a sense of panic and uncertainty. You are faced with a variety of equipment and people using them skillfully without appearing to have to think about it. It is important to not let these initial feelings rob you of your desire to exercise and get fit.

The key is to understand the purpose of the various fitness machines and other equipment in the gym. Once you do, it allows you to pick those that should feature in your workout and help you achieve your goals

Across various gyms, you find almost the same setup of equipment. These equipment are broadly classified into free weights and machines. Free weights generally refer to any equipment that is not attached to any cable or pulley. Popular examples of free weights are barbells, dumbbells weight plates.

A barbell is an extended iron bar with weight plates at each end. It is lifted with both hands and comes in a variety of weights.

The dumbbell is a shorter version of the barbell. Exercises are done with one in each hand. Shoulder press lifts can be done with a dumbbell lifted above the head. Curls can be achieved with hands curved inwards while holding a dumbbell. Weight plates are typically made from Iron and are attached to a barbell. Weight plates and bars can be used to do squats or bench press.

Fitness machines are attached to cables, pulleys, pins or weight stacks for resistance. They vary according to design and impact. Some fitness machines work individual muscles while others work the entire body.  A popular machine for beginners is the treadmill.

Apart from helping to develop cardiovascular endurance, it trains the leg muscles and is extremely beneficial to the heart and lungs. For beginners to get the best out of this machine, it is best to find a comfortable pace adjusting the incline or speed accordingly.

The rowing machine is unique because it works out both the upper and lower body. The benefits of using this machine encompass nearly every muscle in your body. This is because its use requires muscular coordination that stretches your trunk, arms, and legs.

Despite its obvious benefits, it is advisable to build up your fitness level before attempting to use the rower.  Poor fitness, as well as improper technique, can lead to backache.

The exercise bike is straightforward and easy to use.  You just have to mount and pedal away. This machine helps in cardiovascular training and strengthens your legs. In starting off on this machine, it is essential to find a comfortable seat height and position for an effective workout.

The chest press machine helps to prepare you for more complicated exercises and routines. It does this by building up your chest, biceps, and triceps. In order to get the hang of the various fitness machines to ensure you avoid peak hours at the gym. This gives you extra time to get familiar with all the machines.

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