6 Major Benefits Of Abdominal Massage (Self Stomach Massage)

Various essential organs like liver, colon, diaphragm, small intestine and gallbladder are located in the abdominal area of a human body. Or we say it is the house for the complete digestive system of a human body. Abdominal massage is really very helpful to strengthen the abdominal muscles.

If an individual is having a healthy digestive system then it is often referred to as he or she is having a good life-long and disease-free health.

Whenever any certain movement and some pressure is applied to the abdominal area then it stimulates the internal organs to function properly and get rid of various health issues.

Abdominal massage prevents the accumulation of fat around your belly or abdominal area and it further enhances bowel movement in your body.

Abdominal massage also helps in strengthening underlying muscle tissue which further gets you rid of many digestive problems such as bloating constipation, gas, and indigestion.

If abdominal massage is done regularly then it can help you get rid of various digestive issues forever.

Majority of people has a misconception that massage is a luxurious treatment that relaxes the body but actually massaging have a great impact on our health.

It activates the blood flow throughout our body and enhances the movement. Abdominal massage has several significant lifelong health benefits.

If regular massage of abdominal area is done then it optimizes lifelong wellness of abdominal area and other organs which are located there.

The abdomen is a house to various important organs and literally the digestive system. A bad digestive system can lead to various digestive problems like gas, constipation and many more and eventually you are more susceptible to weakness.

This is basically due to illness, or when you do not exercise much or any other physical activity enough and living a lazy lifestyle.

Abdominal massage basically provides strength to the abdominal muscles. This improves your digestive system amazingly.

So, if you’re suffering from any abdominal problem then abdominal massage is strongly recommended that you must perform when you are running a colon cleansing program.

6 Major Benefits Of Abdominal Massage

1. Improves Gastrointestinal Health:

Improves Gastrointestinal Health For Abdominal Massage

If abdominal massage is done on a Regular basis then it can drastically influence your gastrointestinal health.

What exactly happens when you massage the abdominal area is that it enhances blood flow to the abdominal region and will stimulate various vital internal organs like liver and gallbladder.

Functioning of various organs system is improved by increased blood flow and oxygen which will further cure in removing the waste material from your body and cures your digestive system.

The blood vessels of the entire abdominal cavity are strengthened with the help of optimized blood circulation and will protect your digestive system from getting unhealthy. A healthy digestive system is equal to an overall good life long health.

2. Help you get rid of Constipation:

Help you get rid of Constipation For Abdominal Massage

If you are suffering from constipation then regular abdominal massage has a significant effect on constipation and help you get rid of it.

Moreover, this is free from any side effects and it is medically proven. It does not have a single side effect on any of your organs either.

When you provide gentle strokes in a circular motion to the abdominal region can be very helpful to stimulate internal organs and reducing colonic transit time and further enhances bowel movement.

The gentle pressure applied to the abdominal area helps in stretching the muscles, softens the accumulated waste, decreases discomfort and pain and optimizes the quality of life. Regular abdominal massage can prevent constipation from reoccurring.

3. Promotes Weight Loss:

Promotes Weight Loss For Abdominal Massage

Abdominal massage can cure drastically if you are looking to weight loss.

Your metabolism is enhanced when u massage around your abdomen and further promotes proper digestive functions.

The gentle strokes are very helpful in moving the waste from colon more efficiently and prevent constipation and other digestive system problem.

It removes toxic substances from the intestine and enhances digestive efficiency and stimulating the various vital organs in this region, the stubborn abdominal fat accumulated can easily be removed by regular abdominal massage in that region.

Abdominal massage is a great way to strengthen stomach muscles and help relieve back pain. Abdominal massage stimulates the body’s vital organs.

Stomach massage helps in preventing toxins, increases improved blood flow not just around the abdomen but throughout the body and cures in strengthening the abdominal muscles. If you do it on a regular basis then it tightens your stomach which further helps you lose weight.

4. Reduction Of Bloating:

Reduction Of Bloating

When your metabolism slows down for some reason then stomach bloating occurs. It could be caused by the formation of gas in your abdominal area.

It further causes a lot of trouble for an individual in the form of constipation or somewhat uneasiness in your body.

When you overeat and having bad digestion then you are more likely to have to bloat, Abdominal massage can help you get rid of these unwanted problems by reducing a buildup of waste in the body, regulating proper metabolic function and relieving excess gas that accumulates in the body. Massage will also improve digestion stimulating blood flow to the organs.

 5. Provides Relief From Menstrual Cramps:

Provides Relief From Menstrual Cramps

Abdominal massage with any essential oil like cinnamon, clove, and lavender oil is very helpful in reducing heavy bleeding and painful menstrual cramps when performed before menstruation begins.

Gently massaging in the lower abdomen will help in loosening the knots and hardened muscles that cause pain during menstruation.

Just Massage the abdominal area with warm any specific oil and must use hot water bag after a message as a warm compress to get rid of cramps forever.

6. Reduce Stress:

 Reduce Stress

Abdominal massage has various significant physical benefits but moreover, it also relieves stress and anxiety.

Anxiety and stress are also the reason for the uncomfortable feeling of having a knot in the stomach, or abdominal aches and pain.

Abdominal massage can help you alleviate the painful symptoms and are very much helpful to reduce anxiety and stress and brings relaxation to your mind and body.

During stress massage enable our internal organs and helps improving circulation calms to our mind and further relaxes the stressed muscles.

The strokes and pressure applied to the abdominal area directs the blood flow and helps the kidneys and liver function properly. For an effective stomach massage, use lukewarm cinnamon, olive or coconut oil.

Avoid putting direct pressure on your abdomen as it may disrupt circulation. Move your fingertips from right to left and then to the back in gentle circular motions.

In addition to alleviated abdominal distress issues, stomach massage may also strengthen weak and relaxed abdominal muscles. Applied pressure with gentle circular motion can also release deep muscle spasms, promote internal heat and break down adhesions or scar tissue

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