5 Tips To Lose The Post Pregnancy Fat (Fit Pregnancy and Baby)

Now that little one has arrived in your cute little world and being a mommy hope you are enjoying this phase of life. Along with the gift which God has given there are some worries also which has to be taken care of now, yeah you got me I’m talking about the post pregnancy fat which you want to remove.

But this is not the same situation comparison to one who just got fat by eating because they can do it by doing hard diet but in case of post-pregnancy you have to be taken care of a baby as the diet may affect the breastfeeding.

So you have to make this happen without any harm and without any crash diet, i.e. you cannot stop eating what is necessary for the breastfeeding and also necessary for your health, otherwise you may become so weak that you may not able to take care of the baby which you don’t want to happen in any case.

There are many Natural, Effective and Healthy ways by doing which you will be able to lose post-pregnancy fat without being worried about your health.

The thing is that we don’t know where to start, so here are some tried and effective ways by which you may able to lose your post-pregnancy fat without affecting your health in any manner, and will help you to get you back in the shape of your before pregnancy.

5 Tips To Lose The Post Pregnancy Fat 🙂

  1. Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding For Post Pregnancy Fat

Breastfeeding will be going to help you in losing post-pregnancy belly fat plus this will help in improve baby’s immunity which will keep your newly born baby away from the disease.

A study shows that the women who breastfeed her baby for the first 3 months just after birth help the women losing more post-pregnancy fat than the women who don’t.

Breastfeeding not only helps you lose your post-pregnancy fat but also keeps your baby healthy and very few chances of getting sick. It is an advantage for the women who do breastfeed their child to burn some extra calories.

This will help you losing 1 pound in 8 days if you do breastfeed your baby daily at least thrice a day. But only breastfeeding does not help, along with that you need to maintain a healthy diet so that

  1. Evening walk

Evening walk

The easiest form of exercise and can be done anytime not just in mornings but in the evening as well and not just after pregnancy but in general also.

It may seem to you that how just walk may help you in losing the post pregnancy fat, then you may note that when you are recovering from body changes after pregnancy it is beneficial and helps you in burning calories and makes your mind fresh.

The best part is that your angel could be your companion in this walk. Spending the time with your little one while walking in the park and having fresh oxygen is a great idea for the mom and the child’s health.

You just carry your baby in a front pack and enjoy the fresh air in the park. The walk will make you happy and also helping you burn your post-pregnancy fat.

Once you gain control on your physique you may make the required changes. Track your recovery and consults to the doctor and do check on your weight while you’re doing such exercises and taking such diets which were recommended by the doctor.

  1. Take rest

Take rest

It’s hard to take the required rest by mommy while a newly born baby is in the house but you must take rest whenever the baby sleeps and whatever is going in the house you must get rest.

The doctors also suggest that mom should also sleep when the baby sleeps, if you are not able to take proper rest between fine intervals then you may start getting fat in your belly portion and then it becomes hard to lose your post pregnancy fat.

Less rest is the cause to make toxins in your body which ultimately causes inflammation which will lead in storing fat molecules in the central abdominal region.

And you start getting fat on the belly. So it is advisable to take as much rest as you can have a nice and slim body.

  1. Meditation and Yoga

Meditation and Yoga

To help relieve from stress you must start doing meditation in the morning to keep your body and mind calm so that you can focus on your diet plans and day to day works and the baby also. Make sure you find your time for the meditation when the baby sleeps.

As during that period you may not be able to do your day to day activities like painting, reading etc. but meditation will help you to keep calm and focus and helps in reducing the background noises and helps in releasing the negative energy of the body.

It will help to improve your sleep quality which will help you in waking up recharges and fresh so that you can take care of your baby through the whole day and can focus on lose your post-pregnancy test.

In yoga, you may try Anulom-vilom, Kapal Bhati. Anulom vilom will allow you to inhale fresh oxygen and Kapal Bhati will help you lose your post-pregnancy belly fat and makes you energetic throughout the day and keeps your energy level intact.

  1. Belly wraps and Body massages

Belly wraps and Body massages

Belly wraps are very useful in case of post-pregnancy fat, this is generally used by the abs lovers. The belly wraps are an easy way to lose the belly area fat just by applying some lotion and wrap it around the belly which will help in sweat you more and more which ultimately helps you in losing your post-pregnancy fat.

This helps to boost the process of uterus shrinking back to its original size. It is an old and effective way that women are using to reduce their post-pregnancy fat.

In this what you have to do is just take a long and thin piece of cotton cloth and wrap it around the belly after applying lotion. Make sure it is neither too tight nor too loose. There are maternity belts also available at medical stores so that you can just buy it and use without getting any tension to lose you post-pregnancy fat.

The other trend to lose post-pregnancy fat is to get a message around the belly which will help you distribute the belly fat in the body and helps you improve the metabolism which helps you to get rid of the Post pregnancy fat. To see the good results you must get a massage every week.

Conclusion: It’s not a one-day thing, it is a process which you have to follow and this will give you sure shot results in you show consistency.

The tips mentioned above are effective and you will be surprised after seeing the results if done properly and regularly. So start today and watch your Post pregnancy fat go away.

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