5 Natural DHT Blocker For Hair Loss (DHT Blocker Medicine Updated 2019)

5 Natural DHT Blocker For Hair Loss 🙂

One of the worst phases of life is when a person experiences hair loss problems. There are a number of people who have devised various solutions to revert the hair loss they experienced but have failed because of improper execution.

There are studies which prove that a good amount of people’s self-assurance is related to their hair. Proper hair growth helps you look fit and young while the loss of it might have an opposite effect. We will make sure that you are able to stimulate your hair growth as well as reduce the hair loss rate as much as possible.

The hormone which causes all these problems is known as Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and to reduce the hair fall problems which you are facing, you must control the flow of this hormone optimally (you basically need to use DHT blocker). There are a number of shampoos as well as pill based products which help you achieve this control.

We have composed a guide which consists of the best DHT blockers because this sex hormone is the one which is mainly responsible for the problems which are related to hair loss.

The composed list consists of only the natural ways in order to block the DHT. We have several points stated below which you must take a look at before using the natural DHT blockers because there might be other underlying serious causes which might be causing a ruckus in your system.

They might be:

Your body is having thyroid issues
You are experiencing a vitamin deficiency
The reason might be a bad diet

There are a variety of products in which a DHT blocker is used. Some of them are:


5 natural dht blocker for hair loss


Now, there are a number of shampoo products:
They either modify the hormones near the scalp to improve the hair growth rate or use external chemicals in order to do so.
They might also clean your scalp in order to help it get rid of the buildup which might lead to hair loss or slow hair growth.
You can also use the specially developed custom conditioners which help you make thicken your hair and enhance your hair follicles.

There are different types of additives with variation in their compositions and their structure. Supplements can help people who are experiencing deficiencies or low absorption of nutrients.

They are a waste for people who do not have any problems related to the deficiency. All it will do is make the urine of the people consuming them more expensive in case their body does not need the extra vitamins it provides.

Make sure that you are verifying the product which you are about to go for. There are a number of consumer review forums as well as pages of websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, eBay which help you determine the quality of the product which you are about to go for.

Do not be fooled by the price tags. A low costing product does not always mean that the product is not good and a product with a higher price tag does not mean that it is one of the best. Always make sure that you are checking the ingredients because they are the big deal here.

We have compiled a list of ingredients which will help you determine the perfect fit for you. Make sure that you go through each of them. These are the most common ingredients which a DHT blocker uses:

Vitamin H:

This is popularly known as ‘Biotin’ and it is one of the nutrients which will help your body in using the food which you consume as energy.

It is also good for pregnant women because it will nurture their eyes, hair, nails as well as internal liver functioning. If you have a healthy diet, you can easily get sufficient Biotin in your system.

Saw Palmetto:

This is one of the most used ingredients in the products which are meant to block the DHT. The main reason is that the effectiveness of this nutrient has been proven by a number of medical professionals who test these on subjects. There is an enzyme which is responsible for converting the testosterone into DHT and that enzyme is blocked if injected into the patient.

Pumpkin seed oil:

Pumpkin seeds for DHT Blocker


This is one of the most effective natural remedies because it consists of acids which block the formation of DHT.

Pygeum bark:

This is also one of the most commonly used natural remedies in order to stop the DHT from forming. It is also beneficial for prostate related problems.

Caffeine: This helps your hair grow faster by nurturing the hair follicles. It leads to healthier hair as well.

B12 and B6:

One of the highest rates of deficiency found in vegetarians is the deficiency of Vitamin B12. This is because vegetarian food in a good amount of cases does not contain enough B12. This is one of the major causes of hair loss. Vitamin B6 is good for hair growth and both the vitamins help blood flow in your system which leads to healthier hair growth.

According to VCARE HOSPITAL research on DHT Reverse Hair Loss:

5 Natural DHT Blocker For Hair Loss:

1. DHT Blocker by Advanced Trichology

There are a number of problems which this DHT Blocker helps counter. Some of the main problems it helps counter are:

Bad diet
Fungal infections
Bad Bacteria

All of these and more problems are countered if you use this product. The main reason behind it is the ingredients of this supplement. They include:

Green tea:

The polyphenols which it consists helps fight several bad bacteria, fungal infections and many more things which hinder the hair problems.

Green Tea for DHT Blocker


Pygeum extract: One of the DHT blockers


This mineral is one of the best supplements for your hair
Saw Palmetto: As we discussed above, this is one of the best DHT blockers with proven studies.

Other ingredients which this supplement consists of are Grape seed extract, Pumpkinseed, Biotin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Magnesium. These are one of the most used and most effective ones which help your hair growth tremendously.

2. Hair Surge Shampoo by Ultrax

This is one of the best-caffeinated products you can use in order to help your hair fight the DHT production. It helps your scalp and ultimately defends you against hair loss. This shampoo also has a special ingredient known as ketoconazole which helps you fight fungus as well as dandruff problems.

Hair Surge Shampoo for DHT Blocker

Some of the major benefits this product provides:
You can also use the shampoo which you use regularly along with it.
You have the option to use it instead of the regular shampoo.
This shampoo is suitable for both male and female.
The smell is moderate. Not too strong, not too mild.
You will start noticing the benefits after 3-4 washes.
This shampoo will help your hair by thickening it and making it stronger.

3. The Lipogaine Shampoo
This is one of the most effective shampoos you can use in order to prevent your hair loss. It consists of an ingredient known as the Minoxidil and this is one of the two supplements which are approved by the food and drug association. Other ingredients are totally effective and will surely be approved by the food and drug administration once they are done with it.


This shampoo also consists of vitamins such as the b12, b6 and saw palmetto extract. There are extracts of several grains and vitamins which help in the regrowth of fresh and healthy looking hair and prevent the thinning of hair.

4. The Hairomega DHT blocker

There are more than 40 ingredients which this product uses. They consist of natural plants as well as a load of vitamins. This product is worth testing because it has shown a considerable amount of positive results on a good amount of people. Some of the important ingredients are listed below:

The Hairomega DHT blocker

Saw Palmetto: DHT Blocker
Vitamin C: RBC promotion
Zinc: Scalp protection
Niacin: Good for blood circulation
Green Tea: Destroys free radicals, antifungal, antioxidant

5. Propidren (Hargens)

This is one of the most effective products which helps your system block the DHT internally by reducing or blocking the enzymes which are the core reason for its production.
Enhanced growth and nurturing of hair follicle takes place once the user starts using this product. It only takes a few weeks (4-6) to notice the difference. The key ingredients are:

vitamins-block-dht blocker

Saw Palmetto and Biotin which help the blockage of DTH and helps improve the strength of the brittle hair strands.
This product also consists of iron which plays a major role in preventing anemia.
However, make sure you are patient enough to wait for the product to work because 4-6 weeks might seem a lot to some people but it is actually not because a good number of products in pill form take a lot longer than that.


This is one of the best sources you can find in order to counter the DHT problems. All the products mentioned here are tested by hair experts and have been proven to work. There are a good number of reviews and ratings you will find on popular websites like Amazon, Flipkart, and other consumer-based websites.

Make sure that you try the product for yourself in order to find if that works out for you. We recommend that you consult your doctor first in order to find the root cause but you can also opt for using them without consultation as they are natural and not harmful. We hope this article helps you find the correct product. Good luck!

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