Best 4 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight (Eating Less But Not Losing Weight)

4 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight 🙂

If you have tried all the ways which are not helping in Losing Weight then you have figured out something irritating that why the hell I’m not Losing Weight. Well if you are just exercising without any Tip to Losing Weight.

Then my friend you may end up doing this shit without any good results because it’s difficult to Burn out enough calories by just doing exercise to make a drastic change in your Weight.

There is a saying: “A moment on the lips, forever on the Hips”, which is exactly what we have to remember while we are eating fast foods just for the sake of taste.

Sometimes we chose the workouts that are most effective for losing weight but trust me guys those are the toughest ones than you ever thought.

The first week you may enjoy this exercise, after that some of you may start losing interest and then some people even quit.

These workouts generally include HIIT (HIGH-INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING), metabolic conditioning etc. which are not easy to do without any proper instructions and Routine exercise and also proper diet.

It’s hard to lose weight by doing the only exercise, although there are many more other issues as well that may stand in your way without even realizing it.

To avoid such problems one must try to get some knowledge first before start losing weight.

I’m here tell you the Reasons that what you are doing wrong which is not helping you in Losing weight, these are general habits of yours that have possibly no connection to weight loss, but may wasting your best get-fit efforts.

  1. Less sleep

Less sleep

Due to a busy life, we are unable to get sufficient sleep that is recommended for a human body, which ultimately leads us to make poor diet and lifestyle choices. After a few days of less sleep, our mind is ready to accept changes but our body hasn’t.

This put us in a critical situation that our mind thinks that we are well rested but we are not. This is the situation where we start gaining weight without even realizing it because a tired body always wants to eat without thinking about carbs and unhealthy fat or sweets.

It is scientifically proven fact that people who sleep less than 5 hours ate 280 more calories and 19 more grams of fat after waking up on the next day.

For adults, it is recommended to take a sleep of at least seven and a half hours to wake up refreshed, recharged and ready to do the workout for losing weight.

So if your target is to lose weight then you may have to compulsory recommended sleep.

  1. Doing exercise without avoiding Calories

Doing exercise without avoiding Calories For Losing Weight

The biggest mistakes you are doing is that you go in a Gym or doing for jogging without having a proper Nutritional diet, and by diet, I mean foods that help you have fewer calories but more protein.

You should consult some dietician or if you don’t want to spend so much money on consulting then my friend you have to spend your time on watching some videos on YouTube that will help you losing weight by giving you proper diet plan which is a protein-based diet.

Protein-based diet does not mean that you can take as many carbs as you want it must be a balanced diet which you will understand as you get into it.

If you really want to lose weight than you have to maintain calorie deficit which means that Burn more calories and take less.

For example, if you are burning 1500 calories than you should only take 1000-1200 calories to maintain a calorie deficit for losing weight.

  1. Alcohol consumption is High

Alcohol consumption is High For Losing Weight

Everyone has different preferences for alcohol consumption, but if you are working hard to losing some weight then it could be harmful to your training for weight loss.

The reason behind this is that our body cannot store alcohol so after having alcohol the main function of the body is to metabolize the alcohol as soon as possible and because our body’s main focus is to metabolize alcohol, it cannot focus on processing other foods which you have consumed for having protein to build muscles.

The other foods which have not processed well because of alcohol now delaying in breaking down into carbs and fat and start being stored as fat in a body which will ultimately lead to an unfit body and stops you to losing weight.

So to avoid such things to happen one should avoid having much alcohol.

Crux: High consumption of alcohol shall be avoided, but it’s okay to have little on the weekends but within limits.

  1. Consistency


We all have good intentions when we start our workout and a healthy eating routine because we just see is easy and looks cool but after many of the beginners skips the workout time to time which ultimately stops the body to get in shape.

Yes, it is right that in the starting not everybody is continuous in going to the gym as nobody is perfect and nobody can surrender all the habits which he has been acquired over the years. But if you are consistently missing the workouts then that may not help you get in shape.

The exercise and clean eating must be consistent throughout the period for you to see results; if you are skipping it often then it’s hard for you to recover or to achieve your goals.

If craving for carbs is very high then sometimes it’s okay to have somewhat you really wish to eat, after that get back on track and work hard for what you really deserve.

Conclusion: If you are focusing on losing weight than you have to focus on these things that you are not the one who does these mistakes while trying to losing weight.

There are many more reasons that stop you from losing weight e.g. drinking less water, not eating healthy, wrong timings for having a meal, not chewing your food properly etc.

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